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"REAL IMMIGRANTS" - An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump / By Aleksandra Rebic December 18, 2018

Three WWII heroes: Monuments to General Draza Mihailovich (center) and Voyvodas Djujich and Djurisich in Chetnik Memorial Park at St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, IL. Photo by Aleksandra Rebic Feb. 25, 2012.

P.O. Box 95551
Hoffman Estates, IL 60195
December 18, 2018

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

An Open Letter to: President Donald J. Trump
Re: “Real Immigrants”

Dear Mr. President:

My name is Aleksandra, and I am one of many Americans who continue to support you and your efforts as President of the United States to make America great again! I’m also a first-generation American born child of Serbian parents from the former Yugoslavia who legally emigrated to this country after World War II and became loyal citizens of the U.S.A. It is from them that I first developed my deep love for America and respect and appreciation for all of the blessings and opportunities this country offers and provides to those who make their home here. My love, respect, and appreciation have never wavered, regardless of troubling internal, domestic politics and policies, or mistakes (intentional or otherwise) made in foreign policy decisions and actions. The America I love has become increasingly vulnerable to the efforts of the American Left to “fundamentally change” (read: destroy) much of the fabric that made this country so exceptional and such a wonderful place to live. That’s why your message of “making America great again” has resonated so deeply with me. I believe that if anyone can do it, you, President Trump, can do it, regardless of the immense obstacles and resistance you face in trying to do so! It’s for that reason that I felt compelled to write you this letter.

Like many others who are the descendants of immigrants who came to this country legally and with good intentions, who worked hard to never be a burden on the government or on America’s citizens, who assimilated into American life grateful that they were given the privilege to do so, and who have often been greater American patriots than many of those born here who have taken the U.S.A. for granted, I’m very concerned and angry about the current state of “immigration” today. Regardless of how the American Left wants to spin it, many of those coming now demanding/expecting to be allowed to enter this country and live and work here with all the rights and privileges of natural born citizens or immigrants who came through the legal channels and paid their dues to become “Americans”, are not people who are coming with the best of intentions. It’s a strong gut feeling. Being a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Communication Studies from the School of Speech, a primary focus of my education was “Rhetoric” - the study and analysis of persuasion (influencing hearts and minds) through various means and methods. Thanks to my education, I don’t easily fall prey to being influenced by “political” propaganda, regardless of where or from which side it’s coming from.

I’m sure there are good people among the current throngs that are “demanding” and/or “expecting” to be allowed entry into the U.S. I’m sure that among the throngs are people genuinely fleeing political persecution in their homeland, who are seeking a safe haven and not “demanding” or “expecting” anything.  Unfortunately, I’m very suspicious of the motives of many of those now seeking entry into the U.S. and wonder just how loyal they would be to this country if their demands and expectations were met. I don’t buy that they are all seeking “political asylum”. I know what “political asylum” is, and what is going on today with many of the “newcomers” just does not pass the smell test for me.

The “Immigrants” that I know and grew up with strike me as being quite different from many of the people (and I cannot bring myself to call them “immigrants”) who are demanding/expecting entry into the United States today. My mother and father are a prime example of the type of “Immigrant” worthy of the name.

During World War Two, while he was still “just a kid”, my father was with the nationalist group in the former Yugoslavia loyal to the Allies, the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland, led by Serbian General Mihailovich, leader of the first successful resistance uprising against the Nazis in all of occupied Europe. This “nationalist” group would end up valiantly fighting both the Germans and the Communists, including saving hundreds of American airmen at great cost to the Serbian people in the homeland and with very little help from the Allies. I’m one of those people who understands the true meaning of “Nationalist” as being a “Patriot” who loves his/her country and puts it first when push comes to shove. The Mihailovich forces lost the war to the Yugoslav Communists, and my father, like many other patriots, was forced to escape his homeland, never to return, in order to survive. Many such refugees never returned to their homeland or the families they left behind. These were true “asylum” seekers – God-fearing, good people of good character, with good intentions, fleeing a true enemy.

My father spent the first two years after the war in a refugee (displaced persons) camp in Italy, where he finished high school, as his high school education was interrupted by the war. After that he spent another two years in a refugee camp in Germany. His future was uncertain. The only thing he knew for sure was that he could not return to his homeland.

In 1949 the American organization “Church World Service” informed him that they had found a sponsor willing to sign an affidavit of support for him to come to the United States. That sponsor guaranteed that my father would not depend on the American government for support and be a burden. That’s how it was done in those days, and that’s how America has become home to many of the best and brightest from all over the world.  People of good will and intent, willing to work hard and contribute to American society and culture in a positive way, were, and should always be, welcome.

An American agent questioned my father for about half an hour and approved him to be allowed to emigrate to the U.S.

In October of 1949 my father arrived in America, and his sponsor took him to his home. In little more than a year he saved enough money to start college in the spring of 1951 and graduated in the summer of 1955. Although the war in his homeland had interrupted his schooling, my father was determined to finish his education and did so in America. He also completed a correspondence school in electrical engineering and moved to Chicago in 1956 where he began working for Western Electric (later to become AT&T) where he excelled and eventually became part of the management group.  He is now retired.

At the end of 1960, on Christmas Eve in fact, he met my mother in West Virginia. She is also a Serbian immigrant from the former Yugoslavia. She was a graduate of the Medical School at the University of Belgrade, completed her internship and residency in the United States, and would go on to practice her profession of Anesthesiology in America.  Now retired, she, too, was excellent at her job. My parents were married in 1961 and have remained married ever since – 57 years.

Both of these immigrants had to learn the English language and did so without complaint or resistance. They demanded nothing of America and felt no sense of entitlement. They have been law-abiding and productive members of society from the day they stepped foot on American soil. Despite their successes in life, they have not been immune from falling on hard times and having to deal with the difficulties of life. Never, however, have they “blamed America” as so many “newcomers” seem to do so readily these days. My parents are the quintessential “good Americans” - respectful citizens of excellent character and good manners, loyal and sincere patriots who embody the true meaning of “Immigrant” as we once knew it in this country - immigrants that were part of the “Greatest Generation” of Americans - “Real Immigrants”.

I’m very fortunate to know many others of my generation with similar stories about their parents and grandparents. Many of us are deeply concerned about the state of “immigration” today. We want a secure border and an immigration policy that requires that people are properly vetted before being allowed in, just as it existed in years past when America welcomed many good people from around the world.

My family has continued to maintain our beloved Serbian Orthodox traditions as well as the American traditions that we love. We have never demanded that America accommodate us and our Serbian ways. That’s how it should be. We are Americans.

If you would like to become familiar with some of the work that my family has done on behalf of educating people about the alliance between America and the Serbian people, an alliance that has existed for over a century and was steadfast through two world wars and beyond, please feel free to visit www.heroesofserbia.com and www.generalmihailovich.com, two websites that I founded and administrate. It would be an honor to have you as a visitor to those websites, Mr. President.

Please do not allow the “haters” to bring you down or force you to abandon your goals and ideals. Many of us are counting on you to follow through with your promises regarding border security and a sensible and valid immigration policy that rewards those who are deserving and rejects those who are not. We cannot afford to allow people of questionable intentions into this country who have no love for this country. We owe that to our predecessors who followed the rules, who became and remained loyal patriots, and who contributed to making America worthy of the title “Greatest Nation on Earth”.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Godspeed, Mr. President.

Sincerely and respectfully yours,

Aleksandra Rebic
Chicago, IL U.S.A.
December 18, 2018


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Thursday, December 06, 2018

Documentary Film - "THE BANISHED" - The Destiny of the Chetniks after the Second World War as the fight against Communism continues...

Pogledi presents:

"Cinematography company Pogledi has recently released its newest production which is the documentary film The Banished which is about the destiny of the Chetniks after May 1945 or after the Second World War in other words. The film contains the testimonies of eight banished Chetniks interwoven with clips of the areas in which they were located along with their photographs. The movie contains testimonies from: Lieutenant Ivko Jovanovic, Sergeant Gojko Danicic, Chetnik Miodrag Tasic, Dr. Dusan Djukic, the son of General Svetislav Djukic, Ravna Gora member in Belgrade Tihomir Ilic, Supreme Command member and post-war Ravna Gora member in Belgrade Dr. Ognjan Adum and Djurica Krstic who was a member of the Ravna Gora Youth and a post-war Ravna Gora member in Belgrade. They all survived prisons in Socialist Yugoslavia aside from Djurica Krstic. After leaving prison, Ognjan Adum joined the illegal organization called the Serbian National Revolutionary Youth located in Belgrade – which the Communists never uncovered."

Length: 32:25
Filmed by: Srecko Divic, Vladimir Momcilovic, Idei Sandor and Predrag Rudovic.
Directed by: Miloslav Samardzic
Translated by: George Vujcic
Production: Pogledi / Kragujevac, Serbia / 2018



The Banished - Documentary Film from Miloslav Samardzic on Vimeo.



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Thursday, November 08, 2018

У суботу 3. новембра 2018. на месту Лисичји поток у близини Белог двора у Београду одржан је традиционални помен жртвама комунистичког режима у Србији. Овде су након ослобођења Београда, припадници тајне полиције ОЗНе ликвидирали више хиљада грађана Београда без икаквог суђења.

У  суботу 3. новембра  2018. на месту Лисичји поток у близини Белог двора у  Београду одржан је традиционални помен жртвама комунистичког режима у Србији.  Овде су након ослобођења Београда, припадници тајне полиције ОЗНе ликвидирали више хиљада грађана Београда без икаквог суђења.

Помен је одржан  пред више стотина грађана уз присуство принцезе Јелисавете Карађорђевић, Матије Бећковића, Леона Којена, Танасија Узуновићаи других  јавних личности, представника парламнтарних странака (Жiка Гојковић, Александар Чотрић, Андрија Младеновић, Бошко Обрадовић) као и представника цркве. Службу је вршио протјереј- ставрофор Саво Јовић и свештеници Београдско-карловачке архиепископије. Још једном је од организатора скупа i свештеника послата порука да невине жртве Београда траже спомен обележије.  Оволико интересивање и ентузијазам народа сведочи о томе да се ипак жртве комунистичког терора памте и да ћемо  истрајати у борби за правду и расветљавање истине поручио је Саво Јовић.

Јелисавета Карђорђевић је поновила да је чесма коју је 1936. подигао њен отац Кнез Павле  у славу погубљеног Краља Александра у Марсјеу 1934 на неки начин остала место које је задржлао трагичну судбину оставши упамћемо по ликвидацијијама невиних људи.

Танасије Узиуновић је грађанима као глумац дочарао опис одвеђења на стрељање које је сјајно описао преживели свештеник Сава Банковић у књизи сећања У предворју пакла.

Леон Којен је подвукао да су злочини нешто што је било уткано у бољшевичку политичку културу. ,,На ликвидацијама испробавамо људе. Ко не може да стреља не може бити прави комуниста“ цитирао је један опис локалне ОЗНе за Младеновац.

Матија Бећковић, је прочитао писмо подршке организаторима које је упутио ЊКВ Александар Карађорђевић. Такође је прочитао и  писмо Исидоре Секулић које представља њено виђење Краља Александра приликом ослобођења Београда новембра 1918. Указујући да се  и према њему српски народ лоше понео остављајући његов једини споменик у рушевинама у центру града и на 500 метара од Двора.

Присутним грђанима обратили су се још и председник Удружења жртава комунистичког режима Слободан Ђурић и др Срђан Цветковић који је напоменуо да је стање чесме и стање споменика жртвама стање нашег духа и сведочанство наших лоших нарави.

,,Чесма је затрпана нашим насиљем, међусобним поделама, мржњом,  криминалом, корупцијом и лошим наравима које су се као и овај шут који видите  таложили деценијама. Онда кад себе очистимо, уредимо ово место а жртвама, направимо пристојан споменик . Онда ћемо заслужити да живимо боље.  И имати  морално право да питамо за бољи живот који ћемо заслужити.“

Осим помена и комемаративног скупа ове године је отворена и изложба о стрељаним у Лисичијем потоку са фотографијама жртава на оближњем зиду као и туристичка Инфо табла на српском и енглеском језику која обележава Краљеву чесму и споменик жртвама комуниситичког терора на улазу у сам спомен парк.

Организотори су поручили да ће се на овом месту окупљати и наставити даље радове на уређењу простора све док држава и град не преузму одговорнот  на себе за уређење спомен парка Краљева чесма и подизање споменика жртвама комуниситичког режима.

U Ime Naroda za slobodnu Srbiju


U Ime Naroda za slobodnu Srbiju
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ПОЗИВАМО ВАС У СУБОТУ 03. НОВЕМБРА [2018], 13 ЧАСОВА, КОД КРАЉЕВЕ ЧЕСМЕ/ ЛИСИЧИЈИ ПОТОК НА ПОМЕН ЖРТВАМА КОМУНИСТИЧКОГ РЕЖИМА У БЕОГРАДУ / Лисичији Поток - помен жртвама комунистичког режима / "U ime naroda za slobodnu Srbiju"

"U ime naroda za slobodnu Srbiju"
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ПОМЕН жртвама комунистичког режима и скуп подршке грађанској иницијативи да се на простору девастиране Краљеве чесме (Лисичији поток) подигне достојан спомен парк невиним жртвама комунистичког режима. На овом месту и ближој околини су непосредно по ослобођењу Београда припадници тајне полиције ОЗН-е ликвидирали више хиљада грађана Београда без суђења. Заједно са појединим кривцима страдале су стотине невиних људи или оних који нису заслужили смрт.

Током церемоније биће откривена ИНФО ТАБЛА и МИНИ ИЗЛОЖБА О ЖРТВАМА. Осим ПОМЕНА, наступиће глумац ТАНАСИЈЕ УЗУНОВИЋ, Хор раковичке цркве, Зоран Све Јовановић и Наташа Tасић Кнежевић са пригодним драмским и музичким репертоаром. Говоре ће одржати неке од јавних личности из ИНИЦИЈАТИВНОГ ОДБОРА: Матија Бећковић, Душан Ковачевић, Јелисавета Карађорђевић, Леон Којен и многи други.

Видимо се!




1. ORGANIZOVANIM BESPLATNIM PREVOZOM: Autobus FUDEKS ispred Skupštine Srbije, u 12 ČASOVA kreće (napomena rezrvisati mesto u INBOX!!!)

Oko 15-20 minuta voznje.

2. GRADSKIM PREVOZOM: Najbolje je linijama 42, 47, 48 ili 59, doci do Kanarevog brda pa iskociti na prvom skretanju levo na prvoj stanici u Borskoj ulici, pa krenuti zapadno Pere Velimirovica ulicom, skrenuti desno severno u Velislava Vulovica pored koje je Lisicji potok/Kraljeva česma.

Autobuske linije sa Slavije: 42 Slavija (Birčaninova) - Banjica (VMA) - Petlovo Brdo, 47 Slavija (Birčaninova) - Resnik (Železnička Stanica), 48 Pančevački Most (Železnička Stanica) - Miljakovac 3, 59 Slavija - Petlovo Brdo

Oko 30 minuta voznje.

3.AUTOMOBILOM: Kneza Miloša, - Bulevar oslobođenja – desno Kod Pinka – pored USA ambasade i DVORA – zatim,,S “ krivina pa na dole ulicom Velisava Vulovića i to je to. (oko 15 minuta voznje od Skupstine Srbije)

4. PEŠAKA ako ste negde sa BANJICE ili okoline (vidi kartu!!)


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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Hова Књига! 2018 "Симболи и ознаке са Равне горе" је богато илустрована хроника која на документован и сликовит начин описује историју покрета са Равне горе!

"Књига Симболи и ознаке са Равне горе је богато илустрована хроника која на документован и сликовит начин описује историју покрета са Равне горе. У краћим цртама описана је војна и политичка делатност покрета како у Отаџбини, тако у егзилу и заробљеништву; његови циљеви,четничка борба и корени, илегалне и диверзантске активности Михаиловићевих снага, борбе у грађанском рату. У позадини крупних историјских догађаја, под лупом Миладиновића нашло се проучавање милитарије.
Уз кратке описе, ратне фотографије, историјска документа и фотографије сачуваних предмета описане су и објашњене кокарде, амблеми, ознаке, круне, грбови, ратни одливци, нашивци, заставе, печати, делове униформе и још пуно тога што су носили и користили херојски борци са Равне горе за време и наког Другог светског рата.
На преко 200 страна уз фотографије неколико десетина оригиналних предмета у боји, књига Симболи и ознаке са Равне горе враћа читаоца у време славне српске прошлости."

"Цена књиге је 1300 динара и може се поручити у приватној поруци."

Petar Miladinovic



na Facebook 2018

Добротвори који су помогли штампање ове књиге: Град Крушевац Слободан Николић из Крушевца Организацијa Српских Четника „Равна Гора“ Покрет Српских Четника Равне Горе – Јужна Аустралија Удружење Бивших Српских Ратника Јужна Аустралија Данило Јовановић из Аделаиде, Аустралија Стеван Арсић из Крушевца


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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Father Dragoljub (Dennis) Pavichevich
Photo: Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral / Chicago

Aleksandra's Note:

I learned the shocking and crushing news on a Sunday morning, through a post on Facebook. All week, those of us who knew Father Dennis Pavichevich, the beloved parish priest at St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church in Brookfield, IL, have had to deal with the devastating news that Father Dennis passed away in the early morning of Sunday, October 7, 2018. He and his wife Protinica Jovanka had just returned home from a wonderful trip of a lifetime to their homeland - Serbia, Hercegovina, Montenegro... I cannot even imagine what his family is going through at this time and what a shock it was... My heart breaks for them.

Father Dennis was unique. He was so ALIVE, all the time. He was a true Man of God, a true Serbian and American patriot, and he was much loved. It is a huge loss for all who knew him. There will not be another like him, that I know for sure.

Sometime in the coming days, I'll be posting a personal tribute to Father Dennis here on this website dedicated to General Draza Mihailovich. It is the appropriate place, for Father Dennis was Draza's namesake.

All I'll say for now is this:

Some deaths are expected.

Some deaths are shocking and unexpected.
Some deaths are heartbreaking.

Father Dennis can be sure of one thing: His memory will remain eternal. And he will remain forever alive in our hearts.

Aleksandra Rebic
October 11, 2018


Funeral Arrangements for Fr. Dennis are as follows:

Friday, October 12, 2018

3:00-9:00 PM - Visitation
7:00 PM - Pomen at St. Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church, 4301 Prairie Avenue, Brookfield, Illinois 60513

Saturday, October 13, 2018

9:00 AM - Memorial Divine Liturgy and Priest’s Funeral Service (approximately 10:30 AM) at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral, 5701 N. Redwood Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60631

Burial will follow at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Monastery, 32377 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, Illinois 60048

Dacha at St. Nikola Church in Brookfield.


Тешка срца у великој тузи објављујемо упокојење у Господу нашег вољеног свештеника, о. Дениса Павићевића. Тихо је прешао у вечни живот, у зору 7. октобра.

Вјечнаја Памјат!
Информација за сахрану:

Петак, 12. октобар у цркви Св. Николе од 3-9 сати увече.

Помен у 7 сати увече.

Субота, 13. октобар у Саборној цркви Св. Васкрсења у Чикагу.

Свете Литургија у 9 сати ујутро.
Опело у 10:30 сати ујутро.

Погреб на манастирском гробљу Св. Саве у Либертивилу.


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