Saturday, January 01, 2022

SPECIAL IMAGES...O.S.S. Captain Nick and wife Mira Lalich, with George "Guv" Musulin 1952 in Greece/ Heroes of the Halyard Mission Rescue Operation of WWII

O.S.S. Captain Nick Lalich, wife Mira, and George "Guv" Musulin - 1952 Greece.
Lalich Archives.

"TIME...FLIES...BY...Greece circa 1952. Seventy years ago. My Mama Mira surrounded by her CIA bodyguards, Mr. Nick Lalich and Mr. George "Guv" Musulin. The Three Musketeers. Happy New Year 2022! Photo from the Archives of Nick Lalich"

Courtesy of Captain Nick Lalich's daughter, Stephanie Lalich Adams, who has made it her mission to share her father's legacy with the world...


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