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American Flag and the Flag of Serbia image courtesy of the Studenica Foundation.
Taking to the Ravna Gora hills of Serbia 75 years ago in May of 1941 with only a handful of men to mount the first real resistance to Hitler's occupying forces in Europe was impressive. The guts it took and the resolve necessary for these men and their leader to initiate such a courageous act against the Nazi war machine that in 1941 appeared to be invincible seems almost inconceivable now. But it was real, and the magnificence of it has withstood the test of time to remain one of those pivotal moments in history when men stood up against monsters and said, 'No, you will not win.'
For many years now, I've been sharing the story of General Draza Mihailovich and his Chetnik freedom fighters, and my father has been telling it for much longer than that. It's a story that begs to be told. It's the story of a distinguished Serbian military man who led the first real resistance in occupied Europe against Adolf Hitler during World War II and who, for the duration of WWII, remained true to the fight for freedom for his people and his nation. It is the story of a Serbian leader who was and remained a loyal ally of the great democracies despite the terrible betrayal that would be perpetrated against him. It is the story of a man who in his short lifetime of 53 years became a martyr and a legend who has been gone for 70 years now and for whom there is still no gravesite in his homeland.

The story of his mortal lifetime came to an end on July 17, 1946 when after a phony communist trial in Belgrade General Mihailovich was mercilessly executed. No remains were to be found or properly buried so that there is a marker in Serbia signifying the existence of a man who lived and died for the honor and survival of the people and country he loved, as well as for the success of the Allied cause he remained faithful to until the end of his life.

That day in July a new story began, the story of his immortal legacy, and it has been going strong for 70 years. That is the story of making sure that the legacy of General Mihailovich is made known for what it truly was and that the historical record properly and honestly reflects that legacy. That is the story that continues to be told as we reach the 75th anniversary of the Third Serbian Uprising and the 70th anniversary of the General's passing in 2016.

For these 70 years since his death those who have known and understood the value of character exemplified by General Mihailovich, in his actions against the enemy and his faithfulness toward his people and the WWII Allies, have kept his memory and legacy alive throughout the world. I've known many of those people personally through the years, and though many of them are gone now I'll not forget their passion and dedication to keeping this legacy alive. No one truly dies unless they are forgotten, and all of us who appreciate just how great a man General Mihailovich was and what made him a truly heroic figure in history must never allow him to be forgotten. Now that so many of those who lived that history and who fought alongside him are gone, it is up to us who have come after them and who know their story to keep that legacy alive. We must. We owe it to them, and most of all, to him.

Each one of us who knows the history of World War Two and appreciates the role that General Mihailovich played in that history has our own thoughts about what made him great. Mounting the resistance against the Nazis in the Spring of 1941 and maintaining it despite the terrible German reprisals and the overwhelming obstacles and pressures that the Yugoslav communists and the Allies burdened him with, as he fought to remain true to the cause, is paramount. However, for me, there is something else that stands out and has become an even stronger indicator of who he was and why he is deserving of the honor and recognition that is bestowed upon true heroes. It's that thing that makes me proud to be a member of the same nationality and ethnic background as he was.

General Mihailovich remained a faithful ally. The Allies did not remain faithful to him. Over a period of time, as he struggled to maintain the fight for freedom in his homeland and at the same time remain a worthy and loyal ally of the great democracies, he would be betrayed and abandoned by those who had promised assistance but who would leave him to the wolves that would ultimately take his life. Even as he watched the betrayal unfold and came to know that he had been abandoned by the Allies, he remained loyal to their cause, but not only that. He remained loyal to them.

Even after the betrayal was complete, and he was left on his own against the Nazis and the Communists, General Mihailovich and his people would perform acts that were beyond honorable and that almost defy the imagination considering how self-less and forgiving those acts were.

Many Allied military personnel, most of them Americans, found themselves stranded in the Nazi occupied parts of Yugoslavia in 1944 after the Allied leaders had turned their backs on Draza and his Serbian people. General Mihailovich could have left them to the wolves in retaliation, but he did not. Instead, throughout 1944, he oversaw and enabled the evacuations of hundreds of Allied personnel, Army Air Force airmen who had been shot down by the Nazis and who had landed by fate on Serbian territory that was occupied by the enemy. All of the evacuations were successful. Not one man was captured. Not one man was left behind at the mercy of the enemy. All were fed, housed, protected, and evacuated to safety to return to their homes and families and to go on with their lives. They all lived to tell stories about the war and about the man who had saved them. Many of them would spend the rest of their lives dedicated to telling this story and fighting for official recognition of the man who had made their survival possible. Many of them would have children and grandchildren who would not be alive today had it not been for General Mihailovich and his Chetnik freedom fighters and the Serbian people loyal to them.

The fact that General Mihailovich had several options is what never ceases to amaze me, and what lies at the heart of his story are the honorable choices that he made. He could have turned his back, justifiably so, but he didn't. He did the honorable thing, that unselfish thing, that reflects a "sacredness of obligation" which only true men of character, men of greatness, carry within them no matter what the circumstances are. General Mihailovich was a Christian. I can only hope that when God saw all that the General did that He was pleased.

Through the years I have had the privilege of coming to know personally some of those WWII veterans that are part of this great story, both Allied and Serbian, and to call them my friends. I never grew tired of their story. And now that so many are gone, it's up to us to keep telling that story. We must. That is our sacred obligation.

Progress has been made. Serbia has begun to slowly officially recognize the worthy legacy of the son whom she shunned for too long. The Legion of Merit Medal awarded to General Mihailovich posthumously and secretly by the United States in 1948 finally made it home in 2005, where it belongs. Though the old organizations established years ago continue their remembrances and celebrations of his life, new organizations have been established in his memory. Many throughout the world share the legacy via modern social media such as Facebook. Last year, in May of 2015, after a long, arduous legal process initiated in 2006 by Serbian patriots in the homeland, General Mihailovich was officially "rehabilitated" - a verdict that dismissed the original sham of the "guilty conviction" of 1946. There have been more examples of progress, and there will continue to be more progress in the process of vindication.

As the old guys pass on, and with them their memories, it's up to us survivors to continue maintaining the goal of securing for General Mihailovich the official recognition and place in history that he deserves. They did all the hard work. It's up to us to make sure that it was not in vain.

My father has never given up. For 70 years he has remained faithful to the cause that he fought for as a young man, a kid really, and has never wavered. His passion has been passed on to me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to know the Mihailovich story and to be part of carrying on his legacy. It's in my blood now. I'm confident that all of us who share that same passion will maintain the same faithfulness to the cause that our fathers and grandfathers did.

I know the day will come when General Mihailovich is given his proper due and his rightful place in history is permanently established with all the honor that he deserves. He was and remains a true soldier, an honorable leader, a faithful ally, and ultimately a decent human being who never turned his back on the sacredness of his obligations. That, by any measure, is what makes a man a great man.

It is this kind of greatness that makes General Mihailovich a man I wish I had known, and a man that can never be forgotten. He was, and remains, an inspiration, and I thank God for making this great man a Serb.

Aleksandra Rebic
Memorial Day May 2016


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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

THE STORY OF THE GREAT HALYARD MISSION RESCUE OPERATION PRESENTED BY LT. COL. JOHN CAPPELLO, U.S. Air Force Attache / Silver Wings over Washington Speakers Event Series / Army Navy Country Club Thursday May 26, 2016

Army Navy Country Club in Arlington, Virginia


Dear Members  and Guests,

On May the 26th, [2016] we are privileged to have as our  speaker Lt. Col. John Cappello, Air Force Attache (AIRA) at the U.S. Embassies in Serbia and Israel.  Our distinguished speaker will present the untold, compelling, and riveting account of the greatest daring operation of World War II.

This true story will keep you on the edge of your seat by the suspense: escaping from exploding airplanes, landing into hostile terrain, being caught in the midst of political intrigue and espionage, trapped and facing an uncertain future!

The Chetnik Commander Draza Mihailovich was disposed to uphold an Allied friendly relationship and his army aided in the transport of the injured aviators and air crews, while the local Serbs displayed heroism in providing shelter, food, and protection to the airmen. Creating and building an airstrip for the evacuation with simple courage, farm tools, and bare hands, for the C-47s was another wondrous achievement...

Agenda for Thursday, May 26, 2016

          East Gate: 1700 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202
          West Gate: 2400 South 18th Street, Arlington, VA 22204
          Complimentary Parking
Area:  Fort Richardson Room, 3rd Floor

Cost:  $38, pre-pay or pay at the entrance
Date:  Thursday, May 26th, 2016
11:00  Doors Open, Networking Time
11:50  Pledge of Allegiance
11:55  Blessing
12:00  Plated entree and dessert served
12:45  SWOWF President VADM Robert Dunn introduces David Vuich
12:50  David Vuich introduces our speaker Lt.Col. John Cappello
13:00  Speaker: Lt.Col. John Cappello
13:45  Questions from the Audience
14:00  Conclusion of the 2016 May Speakers Events Series

We are looking forward to a great turnout, if you have any question feel free to contact me at 917.334.1526, or via text/e-mail at anytime.


R.N. Jurgenson
Silver Wings
Cell: 917.334.1526


“Our speaker, Lt. Col. John Cappello, entered the Air Force after earning his Bachelor’s Degree from the United States Air Force Academy. He attended pilot training and was first assigned to fly B-52s with the 69th Bomb Squadron at Loring Air Force Base, Maine. During this tour he was deployed for six months in support of Operation Desert Shield. Lieutenant Colonel Cappello completed B-1 training and was subsequently assigned to the 28th Bomb Squadron at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas, spending more than a year flying with the Kansas Air National Guard as an active duty adviser assisting with their transition from the F16 to B1.

The Lieutenant Colonel has also served as an associate professor of political science at the United States Air Force Academy. He has been published in a number of professional journals and was co­recipient of the Institute of National Security Studies Linhart Award for best research effort in 1998. Lieutenant Colonel Cappello returned to fly the B­1 with the 28th Bomb Wing, Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota,  in 1999, and later served as the operations  officer for the Military Liaison Team in Kiev, Ukraine. Prior to becoming an attaché, he was a  political military officer at Headquarters United States European Command, Stuttgart, Germany,  working extensively on European Command policies in the Balkans.  From 2007 to 2010 he  served as Defense and Air Attaché to Serbia and then as Air Attaché to Israel from August 2010  to December 2013.  Lieutenant Colonel Cappello retired from active duty on 1 January 2014."

About Silver Wings Over Washington

The Silver Wings Fraternity is comprised of a wonderful group of remarkable individuals who have pioneered, excelled and contributed to the world of aviation. We encourage members to bring friends, guests, and introduce young people to the noteworthy exploits and achievements of our distinguished members and speakers. In the past we have hosted prominent speakers who presented contemporary and historical topics relating to aviation, space, and a variety of military accomplishments.

Our mission is to provide an educational foundation that inspires, advocates, and fosters a venue for learning through aviation, especially for the younger generation; a forum for networking among members, colleagues and friends with outstanding speakers and camaraderie across the board. "What's Past is Prologue"


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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PREMIERE OF "KING'S ARMY" ( FILM "KRALJEVA VOJSKA") - A Documentary Film about Serbian Patriots in Canada / Serbian Centre in Windsor, Ontario - Canada / Friday May 27, 2016 / Serbian language with English subtitles.

on Facebook.

"Save the date for the Premiere of Zoran Kljajić's documentary film, KING'S ARMY, on May 27, 2016, [in collaboration with the Serbian Heritage Museum.]

6770 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor, ON N8T 1E6

Nine members of Windsor's Serbian community tell their stories of how and why they came to Canada. Their struggles before and after they arrived here. What reasons forced them to leave their homeland and why did they choose Canada?

[In the Serbian language with English subtitles.]

Join us for dinner and the movie. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the following locations:

Serbian Centre
St. Dimitrije Serbian Orthodox Church
Gračanica Serbian Orthodox Church
Deda's Deli

See posters for additional details."


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Seen around the world! "FREEDOM OR DEATH" - An American WWII Airman's grandson gets tattoo honoring the Serbian Chetniks! / A legacy of Staff Sgt. Curtis "Bud" Diles of the USAF and General Draza Mihailovich

Aleksandra's Note: The young man featured in this post is one of 26 direct descendants of Staff Sgt. Curtis Bud Diles, a U.S. Airforce WWII veteran who was shot down over Nazi-occupied Serbia in 1944 while on the dangerous Ploesti bombing campaigns that were being conducted against Hitler and the Germans to destroy their oil supply and cripple their capacity to continue the war. Taylor Matthews lost his beloved grandfather Curtis Diles in September of 2014, but he did not forget the legacy that the WWII hero taught him.

The "Diles Descendants" are an extraordinary family. They are a living, breathing example of what saving just one single man on this earth can mean to the future.

I am blessed to have known Curtis Diles personally, and I'm confident that I can presume to speak on his behalf right now.
Thank you for remembering and thank you for honoring the legacy that you are a beneficiary of.

Aleksandra Rebic
May 2016

Staff Sgt. Curtis Diles, upper left corner, and his 26 direct descendants.
Collage by daughter Diane Diles Hammond, 4th from left, top row.

From Diane Diles Hammond, daughter of Staff Sgt. Curtis "Bud" Diles, one of the "Forgotten 500" American WWII airmen rescued by General Draza Mihailovich and his Chetnik Forces in 1944, in Nazi-occupied Serbia:

"My Serbian friends - Dad's mission to spread the truth about General Draza Mihailovich and the Serbian Chetniks did not end with his death in 2014. This is my nephew, Taylor, Curtis Diles' grandson. One day, Taylor's children and grandchildren will be asking him about his tattoo, ["Sloboda ili Smrt"] "Freedom or Death". The truth shall prevail.... long live the Serbian Chetniks! Grandpa would be so proud of you, Taylor, just as I am. Thank you for carrying his torch with me!"

Diane Diles Hammond



on Facebook, May 9, 2016

I interrupt your Mother's Day feeds for a long post of my own. When my grandpa [Curtis Diles] was 19, his B-24 Liberator was shot down over Nazi-controlled Serbia. A group of Serbian guerrilla fighters, who called themselves Chetniks, took him and hundreds of other US airmen in, gave them food, shelter, and protection as they made their way to makeshift runways.

US cargo planes would fly in under the cover of night to bring these young men home. It was called Operation Halyard, one of the largest rescue missions in United States history. It's fair to say that without this group of people, I might not be here today.

This flag is the flag of the Chetniks. Their leader, Draza Mihailovic, was arrested for treason and executed by the post-war Communist government of Yugoslavia. The United States government remained silent during his trial, despite his efforts to rescue almost 400 [over 500] American citizens. My grandpa spent his entire life trying to tell the story of how Mihailovic and the Chetniks treated him and his fellow soldiers. When my grandpa passed away two years ago, I thought about getting this tattoo. Today I followed through. This is my way of honoring him and the Chetnik people.

"[With Faith in God] For King and Country, Freedom or Death". My body now owns the last half of that phrase. If you care to know, Wikipedia has some great information on the Chetniks and Operation Halyard. Take some time to read through these if you like. There's a lot of really interesting and messy history here. It matters to me. It mattered to my grandpa.

Thanks for reading.

Taylor Matthews
May 9, 2016


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SLOBODA ILI SMRT! SRBI SU SPASLI AMERIČKOG PILOTA 1944: Unuk nam se 2016. ovako zahvalio! / "Kurir" May 17, 2016

BEOGRAD - Amerikanac Tejlor Metjuz ceo život slušao priču od svog dede koga su spasli Srbi tokom Drugog svetskog rata. Kada je on preminuo pre dve godine, Tejlor je odlučio da se oduži - tetovažom na ćirilici. 

"Kada je moj deda imao 19 godina, njegov avion bombarder B-24 je oboren iznad Srbije, dela koji je bio pod kontrolom nacističke Nemačke. Grupa srpskih boraca koji su sebe nazivali četnicima, spasli su njega i stotine drugih američkih pilota. Dali su im hranu, sklonište i zaštitu", objašnjava Metjuz koji živi u Minesoti.

Američki teretni avion je tokom noći tajno sleteo kako bi izbavili svoje ljude. Ova operacija nazvana je Vazdušni most i jedna je od najvećih spasilačkih misija u istoriji SAD. Treba napomenuti, da bez grupe ovih ljude, ja danas verovatno ne bih bio ovde", započeo je svoju priču.

Podsetio je i na smrt Draže Mihailović, kao i na njegovo suđenje.

"Amerika je ćutala tokom njegovog suđenja, iako je zaslužan za spasavanje 400 njihovih građana. Moj deda je proveo ceo svoj život pokušavajući da ispriča priču o tome kako su njega i ostale vojnike spasli Mihailović i četnici", napisao je Tejlor.


 Kada je njegov deda preminuo pre dve godine, dobio je ideju o tetovaži, a danas je odlučio da je sprovede u delo, u znak zavhalnosti i odavanja počasti njegovom dedi i ljudima koji su ga spasli.

Tejlor je pozvao sve prijatelje da pročitaju o misiji Vazdušni most.

"Odvojite malo vremena da pročitate o tome. Ima zaista zanimljive istorije tu. Značilo bi mi. Značilo je mom dedi", rekao je Metjuz.


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Улице са Дражиним именом / Српски либерални савет May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016

Пре годину дана, 14. маја 2015. године Виши суд у Београду усвојио је захтев за рехабилитацију и поништио пресуду којом је генерал Михаиловић 15. јула 1946. године био осуђен на смрт, а два дана касније и погубљен. Пресуда Врховног суда ФНРЈ у делу који се односи на Михаиловића проглашена је ништавном, као и све њене правне последице уз констатацију да се: „Драгољуб Михаиловић сматра неосуђиваним“.

Република Српска: Улица ђенерала Драже у Рудом

Ипак, правосудна рехабилитација није српско друштво ослободило вишедеценијских предрасуда. Ове године обележавамо 75 година од нацистичке агресије на Краљевину Југославију и почетка херојског отпора српског народа чија је персонификација управо генерал Михаиловић. Ова годишњица је и прилика да се присетимо херојских дела генерала Михаиловића, његових команданата и јединица под њиховом командом и одамо почаст онима који су покренули антиокупаторску и антифашистичку борбу те да на достојан начин обележимо херојска дела српских официра и војника који су одбили да положе оружје и наставили борбу против Немачке и њених савезница.

Због тога позивамо српску јавност, новинаре и јавне раднике али и власт да подрже иницијативу Српског либералног савета и на достојан начин, дајући имена улицана и обележавајући значајна места везана за живот генерала Михаиловића и борбе његових јединица очувају сећање на устанак српског народа против немачког окупатора. За почетак, можда би годишњица ослобођења Лознице, 31.августа, била права прилика да се присетимо пуковника Мисите и свих јунака Југословенске војске у отаџбини.

Сви заинтересовани могу се обратити на meil

У БГД.16.5.2016
Српски либерални савет


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Četnici iz Australije plakali na Ravnoj gori / "Novosti" May 16, 2016

16. maj 2016.

Ravnogorska udruženja iz dijaspore se i zvanično povezala sa pokretom u matici.

DESPOTOVAC - Kada sam na Ravnoj gori video toliko četnika iz čitavog sveta, obučenih u uniforme i majice s Dražinim likom, te šajkačama i šubarama sa kokardama, zaplakao sam od sreće - ovako je Đuro Popović, član udruženja pod nazivom "Srpski četnici Australije", doživeo okupljanje ravnogoraca 8. maja [2016].

Iako je rođen u Australiji, on neguje pravoslavlje i četništvo, zbog toga što je njegov deda Petar, rodom iz Knina, poginuo u borbi s partizanima, a otac Todor prebegao u Australiju jer su ga nazivali četničkim banditom, pa u bivšoj Jugoslaviji nije imao budućnost...

- Četnici u Srbiji i Republici Srpskoj su postali ozbiljna organizacija, pa smo razgovarali i o budućim projektima - kaže Dražo Cvijetić iz Sidneja, čiji su roditelji iz Bosne u Australiju otišli šezdesetih godina prošlog veka.

Stevan Dragojević kaže da su ga otac Nedeljko i majka Milica, koji su u Sidnej otišli pre četiri decenije, učili da bude Srbin, pa on sada uči svoju decu pravoslavnoj tradiciji...

- Mnogo nam znači direktan kontakt sa Ravnogorskim pokretom u matici i to kako su nas prihvatila braća iz Srbije, koja nisu dozvolila da išta platimo - zaključuje Dragojević emotivnu ispovest.


PREDSEDNIK Ravnogorskog pokreta Predrag Bogićević njegov sabetnik Dragan Sofronijević sa članovima udruženja pod nazivom "Srpski četnici Australije" su razgovarali o izgradnji edukativnog kampa čiju bi izgradnju dijaspora mogla da pomogne.


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Friday, May 13, 2016

Сабор на РАВНОЈ ГОРИ! У суботу [14. мај 2016.]

Српски покрет обнове
Петак, 13 мај 2016

На Равној гори ће сутра, у суботу, 14. маја [2016.], с почетком у 12 часова бити одржан Сабор поводом 75. годишњице почетка герилског отпора Југословенске војске у Отаџбини нацистичкој окупацији Краљевине Југославије у Другом светском рату.

Сабор се традиционална одржава по 26. пут, а ове године организују га Српски покрет обнове, Републичка асоцијација за неговање тековина Равногорског покрета, Удружење припадника ЈВуО 1941-1945. и Меморијални центар "Равна гора".

Свештеници Српске православне цркве од 11 часова служиће помен у храму Светог Георгија на Равној гори погинулим и умрлим припадницима Југословенске војске у Отаџбини и Равногорског покрета.

Представници организација из Србије и дијаспоре које поштују и следе традиције Равногорског покрета положиће венце на споменик генералу Драгољубу Дражи Михаиловићу на равногорском платоу, с којег ће се присутним грађанима обратити председник Републичке асоцијације за неговање тековина Равногорског покрета и народни посланик Александар Чотрић, потпредседник Српског покрета обнове Мирко Чикириз и други говорници.

Биће прочитанe поздравнe порукe Њ.К.В. Престолонаследника Александра и организација из САД, Словеније и Чешке Републике.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Прослава 75. годишњице доласка ђенерала Михаиловића на Равну гору, Марковдан / "Краљевске Новине" May 9, 2016

Краљевске Новине
May 9, 2016

Удружење Краљевина Србија се одазвало позиву наших пријатеља из Равногорског покрета и на Марковдан, 8. маја 2016. смо присуствовали прослави коју Равногорски покрет традиционално организује у знак сећања на дан када је пуковник Драгољуб Дража Михаиловић дошао на Равну гору и први у поробљеној Европи подигао устанак против нацистичког зла.

Делегацију Удружења Краљевина Србија су предводили г. Марио Мајсторовић, председник Удружења, г. Урош Парезановић, генерални секретар Извршног одбора, г. Милан Алексић, координатор Извршног одбора за Рашки округ и г. Саша Станисављевић, председник Општинског одбора Смедеревска Паланка, а присутни  су били и чланови ОО Смедеревска Паланка.

У званичном делу церемоније, господин Мајсторовић је окупљенима причитао писмо нашег патрона, Њ.К.В. Престолонаследника Александра.

Свечаност је отпочела Светом Литургијом у цркви на Равној гори,  да би потом уследило окупљање јединица и формирање ешалона припадника Равногорског покрета. Након парастоса жртвама нацистичког и комунистичког терора на гробу Крсте Кљајића, и обраћања председника Равногорског покрета и гостију из дијаспоре, уследио је богат културно уметнички програм.

Честитамо нашој браћи из Равногорског покрета на одлично организованој прослави и на чувању успомене на бесмртног ђенерала Дражу и његове борце!


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Monday, May 09, 2016

Colonel Draza Mihailovich reaches the hills of Ravna Gora in May of 1941, 75 years ago, to begin the historic Third Serbian Uprising.

Portrait of General Draza Mihailovich
by Jim Pollard.
Aleksandra's Note: In the hearts of many Serbian patriots, May is a pivotal month in the long, magnificent, and tragic history of the Serbian people. It was 75 years ago now that Colonel Draza Mihailovich reached the hills of Ravna Gora in Serbia to begin the Third Serbian Uprising. This historic uprising was against the occupying German forces of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, and Colonel Mihailovich and his Chetniks would be responsible for initiating and carrying out the first successful true resistance against the Nazis in all of occupied Europe.

Each year Serbs gather in the hills of Ravna Gora to mark this important anniversary and to celebrate the legacy of the Chetniks, the Serbian freedom fighters whose motto was and remains "Give me Liberty, or Give Me Death!"

I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of such a gathering in May of 2003 and will never forget it. If you have never walked in the sanctified footsteps of these heroes of WWII and are planning to visit Serbia, please make it a priority to visit in May and to go up into these beautiful hills. You will be genuinely moved by the legacy that continues to be carried by the winds of Ravna Gora.

Aleksandra Rebic
May 9, 2016


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