Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Serbian National Defense Council of America "Vidovdan" Celebration June 28, 2009

On Sunday, June 28, 2009, the Serbian National Defense Council of America held its annual "Vidovdan" commemoration at New Gracanica Monastery in Third Lake, Illinois. Newly re-elected SND President Slavko Panovich hosted the event which was well attended and well organized. It was a beautiful day and a memorable one. Below you will find a flier in both the English and Serbian languages that was issued prior to the event and which described the scheduled highlights and special guests.

Below the fliers you will find a slide show of photographs taken by Aleksandra Rebic on that day for your enjoyment. You will also find a link that will take you to the website where you can view a larger version of the slide show and a link where you can look at the individual still photographs on their own.

No photographs were allowed to be taken of the very special film presentation of the trial of General Draza Mihailovich, which was the supreme highlight of the "Vidovdan" event. No one who was there that day will forget that film and being given the opportunity to watch actual live footage of Mihailovich that many have never seen before. I know I will never forget it.

My sincere thanks to the Serbian National Defense organization for allowing me to photograph the event and for making it the very special, meaningful and memorable day that it was.

Aleksandra Rebic

The first link below will take you directly to a larger version of the same slide show of photos that is featured above and the second link will allow you to look at each photo individually if you wish.

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