Friday, October 18, 2019

VIDEO / Halyard Mission Heroes...George "Guv" Musulin / 75th Anniversary 2019

Illustration: Bojan Dragićević i Igor Vujčić

Aleksandra's Note:  George S. Musulin passed away in February of 1987 at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland at the age of 72. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was survived by his four children: son, Nicolas, and three daughters, JoAnne de la Riva, Milena Sanchez and Georgene Murray.

For his service, he was awarded the Legion of Merit. The citation reads as follows:

Legion of Merit Citation awarded to George S. Musulin, 0519461, 1st Lieutenant, AUS, Office of Strategic Services, while attached to Company B, 2677th Regiment, OSS (Provisional), for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services:

‘Lt. Musulin’s descent by parachute into enemy-occupied territory, (Yugoslavia), where he remained from 2 August 1944 to 27 August 1944, his leadership, his courage in the face of heavy odds, and his resolute conduct in the face of great peril in the successful accomplishment of an extremely hazardous and difficult mission, exemplified the finest traditions of the armed forces of the United States.’

George Musulin was a hero, an American Serb whose name and contributions to American history should be taught in American schools.

Aleksandra Rebic


VIDEO: "George "Guv" Musulin"
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Published on October 2, 2019


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