Friday, October 16, 2009

Senator George Voinovich congratulates winners of "The Forgotten 500" Contest 2009!

Ohio Senator George V. Voinovich has sent out congratulatory letters to the winners of "The Forgotten 500 Book Report Contest 2009" and Vasilije "Vaso" Katanic has graciously shared his letter on "Vaso's Blog".

I wanted to extend a special "Thank You" to Senator Voinovich for taking the time to contact the youngsters who entered this special contest initiated by Michael Papich of California to bring well deserved attention to the "Halyard Mission Rescue Operation" of 1944. This grand rescue of over 500 Americans and additional Allied airmen took place on Nazi occupied Serbian lands during WWII, and was successfully carried out in a joint effort between the American O.S.S. and the Serbian forces of General Draza Mihailovich. Not a single airman was lost and all were returned safely to their homes and families. 

Thank you, Senator Voinovich, for recognizing the value of engaging our young people in learning about important and significant events that have left a lasting legacy in both Serbian and American history. Such initiatives as "The Forgotten 500 Contest" not only educate, they contribute to the fostering of goodwill between Serbs and Americans, two peoples that have been, and should always be, the most natural of Allies.


Aleksandra Rebic


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