Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"Why the Serbs are Great." - A Tribute Booklet now available!

3 of the 25 Reasons the Serbs are Great:

1. Serbs are great because they are true survivors. Throughout the many centuries of their existence as a people, they have been faced with virtually every obstacle and adversity known to mankind and have always emerged resilient and unbeaten with forgiveness in their hearts.

7. Serbs are blessed with great good humor, genuine warmth, generous hearts, and the talent to tell a good story or joke with a memorable punch line no matter when, where, or what the circumstances. Serbs are never boring. Once you know them, it’s impossible not to like them.

23. Serbs rank among the bravest people on the planet. Perhaps due to necessity, perhaps to geography, which, in their case, has always been a pivotal factor, perhaps due to the essence of their Christian nature, the Serbs are a people of whom it can be said unequivocally ‘They are fearless.’ The courage of the Serbs is legendary and rightfully so. Though Serbian bravery is the stuff of legend and always has been, it is no myth. The Serbs are the ‘Davids’ to the world’s ‘Goliaths’.

Part of the "Reconsidering what we take for Granted Series" by Aleksandra Rebic, Why the Serbs are Great is a 25 page booklet filled with 25 simple truths and reminders about why a heroic and unique people like the Serbs should never be taken for granted and why they should be appreciated. So much more than a greeting card for not much more! This 5 1/2 by 8 inch coil-bound booklet is printed on excellent quality paper with rich color photographs included along with the text. In Why the Serbs are Great there are a couple of blank pages included for you to write your own notes or message to a friend or loved one who understands what makes the Serbs special and worthy of appreciation, or an acquaintance or stranger who hasn't yet discovered the treasures to be found in Serbian culture. This booklet also serves as a tribute to the Christian heritage of the Orthodox Serbs, highlighting what makes the contributions of the Serbs to world history and the legacy of those contributions so worthy of our respect.

For 1 to 25 copies, the price is $5.99 each plus shipping and handling.

For 26-50 copies, the price is $5.75 each plus shipping and handling.

For 51-75 copies, the price is $5.50 each plus shipping and handling.

For 76-100 copies or more, the price is $5.25 each plus shipping and handling.

All of the prices include the tax. The shipping and handling cost for one copy of the booklet is 2.25. If more than one booklet is requested, then the shipping and handling cost would be calculated based on the total weight of the number of copies requested and would be added as appropriate to the purchase total. The "Buy it Now" button below is designed for the purchase of one copy at 5.99. If you would like to order more copies, please let me know and I will create a payment button specific to your order.

If you are interested in obtaining more copies of Why the Serbs are Great please contact me at whatwetakeforgranted@yahoo.com


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