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Celebrating St. Nicholas - Sveti Nikola / The Patron Saint of General Draza Mihailovich!

General Mihailovich celebrating his Krsna Slava - Patron Saint Day
St. Nicholas - Sveti Nikola December 19, 1943

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day - Sveti Nikola
By Father Rodney Torbic
December 19, 2016

[December 19] is St. Nicholas Day…Sveti Nikola! This day, Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas draws believers to Christ. St. Nicholas sets an example of following Christ.

Churches around the world are dedicated to St. Nicholas.Churches around the world proclaim the virtues of St. Nicholas. Christians are drawn to St. Nicholas and seek his intercession.

Countless Serbian Orthodox Christians identify with St.Nicholas as their family patronal saint. Numerous Christians bear the name of Nicholas. Today is a special day in the Holy Orthodox Church.

Families are often present in the Divine Liturgy on St. Nicholas Day. Believers celebrating this day as their Slava will honor St.Nicholas in special ways. Living and departed family members will beprayerfully remembered.

Believers view St. Nicholas in his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Countless believers trace their Christian identity in their family having put on Christ on St. Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas Day is a day of joy. St. Nicholas Day is a message of Christian joy. Individuals seeking to nourish their souls will learnand draw strength from St. Nicholas.

Believers seeking to strengthen their Christian identity will regularly celebrate St. Nicholas Day. The world is a very busy place. Increasingly church attendance is being pushed aside in society.

Individuals taking time to come to the Divine Liturgy on St. Nicholas Day draw strength and nourishment from Christ. Coming to church on St. Nicholas Day is a way to honor the sacrifices of believers through the centuries.

Faithful believers through the centuries carried Christ in their hearts. They carried their love for St. Nicholas with them. Christians everywhere embrace St. Nicholas.

Centuries have passed. Remembering St. Nicholas has not diminished. In all parts of the world and on continents across the globe, churches are erected in honor of St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas lived in Christ far away in space and time. He lives today in hearts, minds, and God’s Holy Church. Let us give abundant thanks to God for the living and lasting example of St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church, Carmichaels, Pennsylvania.
December 6/19, 2016. St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker.
Father Rodney Torbic

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