Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Chetnik Freedom Fighters as Immigrants in New Lands / By Andy Evans March 2017

Serbian Chetnik immigrants in the UK in 1948. Photo courtesy of Andy Evans
 The Chetnik Freedom Fighters
as Immigrants in New Lands...
"What a difference time makes. Pictured are immigrants to the UK in 1948. These brave men were the first ones to stand up and fight against fascist rule dominating Europe in 1941. They had lost everything but decided to stay and fight for their homeland and democracy against overwhelming odds. For three years the Western Powers hailed the Serbian Chetniks as heroes until the winds of power altered direction and it was evident Communist Russia would be the liberator of Yugoslavia. History was sadly rewritten and the West turned their backs on their Chetnik allies, leaving them to be slaughtered and wrongly labelled fascist collaborators. Despite the great betrayal, these brave men and women came to the UK as displaced people. They were given a time limit to learn our language, forced into working in the mines, and were subject to regular visits by Police officers. Any deviation would result in them being sent back to Yugoslavia where they would face execution by the newly installed communist regime. These 'Guerilla' fighters obeyed the rules of the land, worked hard, and integrated with the local communities to make our country a better place to live. What a difference time makes..."
Andy Evans
U.K. March 2017


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