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Ustasha symbols, “Kill the Serb” banners in center of Croatian Capital [Zagreb] / "InSerbia with Agencies" April 11, 2017

InSerbia with Agencies
April 11, 2017

Ustasha symbols, “Kill the Serb” banners in center of Croatian Capital

Zagreb police needed almost 24 hours to determine whether on the Zagreb main Ban Jelacic Square on Monday, on the occasion of marking the day of establishment of NDH [Independent State of Croatia April 10, 1941], rallied a group of pro-fascist youth, who carried banners with Ustasha symbols and words “Kill the Serb” and nationalist flag with first white box on the chessboard (NDH flag).

Photo: "Antifascisticki vijesnik"

Although photographs published by portal “Antifascisticki vijesnik” clearly show everything, police in Zagreb claims they missed the group of people who rallied at the central city square, as well as banners and their behavior, and that they only now began the investigation.

Social networks are also full of photographs in which those rallied posed with Nazi salute, and people say that everything passed without police intervention.

At the same time, Croatian Defence Forces members (Croatian: Hrvatske obrambene snage, HOS) members in Split shouted the Ustasha cry “For home – ready!” in the presence of the representative of the most influential ruling HDZ party and delegate of the Minister of Defenders. Police also announced investigation.

“We are now reviewing everything, not only cameras. We are checking and taking everything to identify all persons involved”, said for H1 PR of Zagreb police, whose name is not mentioned.

“A group of Ustasha came to the Square, developed the Ustasha flag, showed the symbol of the criminal organization – the Ustasha – and showed inscription ‘Kill the Serb’. The police watched all this, recorded with cameras, all without reactions”, said one of the eyewitnesses, adding that the police have their cameras in the area, and that everyone else who stream live events on the Ban Jelacic Square are obliged to give the police the recordings for inspection.

Asked whether it is true that they have surveillance equipment at every corner at the Ban Jelacic Square, Zagreb police stated that “they missed a large group of people with disputed banners.”



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