Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Aleksandra's Note: Sure wish I could be there! Wishing all the participants and guests a wonderful and successful Halyard Mission Commemoration Event!

Aleksandra Rebic
November 16, 2016


"On Friday, 18 Nov 2016 in Pranjani 7 historic markers will be unveiled at locations in the surrounding community that have historic relation to the rescue of over 500 allied airmen during the WW 2."

From Lt. Col. John Cappello, President of the Halyard Mission Foundation:

Greetings all,

I just wanted to send a short update about the upcoming  Halyard Mission commemoration ceremony in Serbia.  This year we will hold the event on Friday, 18 November.  As you know we have committed to sponsoring an annual event on Galovica Field. For the past three years we have seen increased U.S. and Serbian government and military participation. This year is no exception. The U.S. Embassy in Belgrade is co-hosting the event along with our community partners in Pranjani.

Attached you will find the Halyard Mission historical markers that will be unveiled during the ceremony. We will have a ribbon cutting and dedication at two of the seven sites. These signs will located at various points that played a role in the rescue mission and form a historic trail that tells the story and provides visitors with important information.  We hope that in some small way this will encourage tourism to the area while telling this important story.

It is thanks to you and all those that have supported the Foundation that we have been able to keep this dedication going.  As you know we are planning more projects for next year and on.

I look forward to another successful ceremony and will be sure to send an update of the event.

All the best,


Lt. Col. John Cappello retired from the United States Air Force (USAF) in 2014 after serving over 24 years.  He served as the USAF Attaché to Serbia and Israel. He is a Command Pilot having accumulated over 3,000 flying hours.



Galovica Field

1100 – 1120:
Historic Marker 5 & 6 unveiling at Galovica Field
(Halyard Mission Foundation president John Cappello; US Embassy representative; Pranjani municipality head Radovin Grebovic; and field owner Mr. Milorad Tomovic)

1120 - 1140:
Wreath laying at Galovica Field Monument
(Foundation, Embassy, Serbian Ministry of Defense, Gornji Milanovac municipality)
1140 - 1150:
Photo session

1200 - 1210:
Marker 4 unveiling in front of the church

1210 - 1230:
Church service for Halyard Mission participants, Wooden church tour

1230 - 1330:
School tour/sports hall/school principal speech, US Air Force Band Performance

1330 – 1345:
Visit John Kingsberry Clinic, unveil Historic Marker 3
Leusici (Jevtovica ranch)

1400 - 1410:
Historic Marker 7 unveiling 

1410 - 1500:
Visit Jevtovica ranch,
Lunch hosted by Halyard Mission Foundation
1500: Departure to Belgrade


NOTE: We are not planning to unveil each of the historic
markers, it will take too much time, and the weather might
not allow for so much time outside. We will  follow up with
photos of them all.
If you would like to get in touch with me, Aleksandra,
please feel free to contact me at

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