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Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito's Order to Kill Serbs - February 1944 [English Translation!] / Original Archived Document in Serbo-Croatian / ORIGINALNI arhivni dokumenat

Aleksandra's Note: And to think that so many Serbs supported and were loyal to Tito throughout his reign as Yugoslavia's communist dictator from the mid-1940's until his death in May of 1980 and this very day...

Note: This order, being issued in February of 1944, was issued BEFORE the liberation of Belgrade from the Nazi occupier in October of 1944 and before  the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) was officially established in 1945 by the Yugoslav communists.

Many thanks to M.N. for sending this document with the English translation. I have made minor corrections to the English text for clarity.


Aleksandra Rebic


Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito's Order to Kill Serbs February 1944 [English Translation] / Original Archived Document /  ORIGINALNI arhivni dokumenat

Upper left corner in Serbian Cyrillic script: General staff of the people's resistance army and partisan divisions.

Middle of heading: round (meaning official seal) transcribed Archives of Serbia.

Right side of heading: code TMC, 135 with numerals under it: 2868.

Far right: a triangular seal partially visible in Cyrillic.

Archives title centered in Latin script: To the Chief of Staff and general staff of the People's resistance army - abbreviated as NOV and PO  (political organizations) of Serbia:

Main body of text in Latin (Serbo-Croatian) Script:

"Once we enter Serbia, we will execute all chief land owners, homestead owners, but above all else, all industrialists.

"The possessions of the Great-Serbian bourgeoisie, especially industrial objects and factories, shall be transported to Croatia or Slovenia.

"I order a very brutal handling of the Serbian people, which showed disobedience and was inclined to accept the monarchy, which we must uproot.

"I, particularly encourage the comrades from the PO (political organizations) of Serbia to be firm, decisive, and non-sentimental towards their own kin and friends, since the general purpose is above all our emotions. More so that the comrades from the political organizations (PO) of Serbia have to be more brutal than others.

"Merciless towards the Yugoslav Army [in the Homeland] remaining in Serbia and the Chetnik movement."

(Mostly written in a poor tone of a Croatian dialect, with spelling errors)

Lower right signature greeting:

"Death to Fascism - Freedom for the people."

Chief Commander - Marshal of Yugoslav forces - Tito

Lower left corner:
February 5, 1944 from the front lines



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