Monday, September 23, 2019

VIDEO / "OPERATION HALYARD AND THE FORGOTTEN 500" / Featuring General Draza Mihailovich and his Chetniks, the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland, the OSS Agents, and the Rescued Airmen

General Draza Mihailovich
Supreme Commander of the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland WWII.

Aleksandra's Note: Excellent video documentary about the WWII Halyard Mission Rescue Operation, which highlights and features General Draza Mihailovich, his Chetniks, the Yugoslav Army in the Homeland, the OSS Agents, the Rescued Airmen, and others, such as the Tuskegee Airmen and the Serbian people loyal to Mihailovich, who made the successful rescues from behind enemy lines possible. The archival footage and photographs and the interviews and narration (in English) tell the story beautifully. Some of the names, such as Mihailovich, Jibilian, Felman, Lalich, Vujnovich, and Musulin will be familiar to many of you. If you are not familiar with them or this important historical event, you should become so. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the rescue operations that took place in 1944.

Well worth your time and attention.

Aleksandra Rebic
September 2019


"Operation Halyard and the Forgotten 500"
Posted on YouTube by: "Greek Orthodox Christian Television"
Published on September 9, 2016

"How a few effete communist spies deceived the Allies into abandoning their Orthodox Christian allies during WW II & how America betrayed those Christians to the Godless Communist government of Yugoslavia, despite the heroic rescue of 500 American Airmen by those same Serbian Orthodox. -DEMETRIOS E. TROY is the voice of Major Richard L. Felman -For the full interview with O.S.S. officer Arthur Jibilian go to:

"Thank you to Vladimir Bibic. -To order the definitive book on the subject, written by Gregory A. Freeman go to:"


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