Tuesday, May 03, 2011

31 years since the death of Yugoslavia's Josip Broz Tito - a Serbian change of heart


"Some people remember or want to see just the good times of the 1970s and the 1980s and the good things Yugoslavia had, but they refuse to see the faults of that country and the 1990s, the Hell we have all gone through, as that country (and ideology and system of values) fell apart like a house of cards. Yugoslavia was the country of my birth and childhood. I respect that. Yugoslavia was also the agony of what were supposed to be the best years of my life (high school and university years) - years gone in wars, sanctions, isolation. Yugoslavia existed, but it is gone. People should just learn to deal with it. I have cried a million tears for that country. One day, the tears were gone. I felt empty. I couldn't cry anymore, as much as I tried. So, I "buried" that country, deep inside me. I do not hate it. However, I do not love it. I feel nothing for it now.

"As I grew, I learned and discovered many horrible things about Communism... Over the years, my heart shifted and my country is now Serbia only. Yugoslavia belongs to history books. Serbia is the present and the future, Yugoslavia is the past. Tito is, as the Brits would say, not my cup of tea anymore. Hasn't been since 1992 or so... In fact, from a kid who was programmed to believe in Tito, I have grown into a strong-to-moderate anti-Communist. This period is a part of our history, and that's where it ends for me. It is no longer a part of my inner being, a part of my own personal system of beliefs and values.

"So, those of you who want to glorify Tito, go ahead. We are in a democracy now. You are allowed to have an opinion. That is something the anti-Communists never had in Yugoslavia - the right to an opinion. After all the things Tito has done to the Serbian people (and mostly to the Serbian people), I say - I want to be as far away from that man's grave tomorrow as possible."

Alex M. in Belgrade
May 3, 2011


Tito Incident u kuci cvijeca

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