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A day that changed the history of the Balkans forever - March 27, 1941 / The Yugoslav coup d'état

Aleksandra's Note: The following is a description of the historic Yugoslav coup d'etat that took place on March 27, 1941 which changed the history of the Balkans, especially former Yugoslavia, forever. This description is current on Wikipedia as of today's date, March 27, 2013. Changes are pending per "Operation Bora."


Aleksandra Rebic


King Peter II (center) with two of his ministers, the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia,
General Simovic (left) and Court Minister Radoje Knezevic arriving in England,
June 1941

"The Yugoslav coup d'état occurred on 27 March 1941 in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The coup was planned and conducted by a group of Serb-nationalist Yugoslav Army officers formally led by Air Force General Dušan Simović, but for practical purposes Brigadier General of Military Aviation Bora Mirković, Major Živan Knežević of the Yugoslav Royal Guards, and his brother Radoje Knežević all performed leadership roles in the conduct of the coup. In addition to Radoje Knežević, some other civilian leaders were probably aware of the coup before it was launched and moved to support it once it occurred, but they were not among the organisers. The Communist Party of Yugoslavia played no part in the coup, although it made a significant contribution to the mass street protests in many cities that signalled popular support for the coup. The coup was successful and overthrew the three-member regency: Prince Paul, Dr. Radenko Stanković and Dr. Ivo Perović, as well as the government of Prime Minister Dragiša Cvetković and Vlatko Maček. Two days before the coup, the Cvetković–Maček government had signed the Vienna Protocol on the Accession of Yugoslavia to the Tripartite Pact. The coup had been planned for several months, but the signing of the Tripartite Pact spurred the organisers to carry it out, encouraged by the British Special Operations Executive.

"The military conspirators brought to power the 17-year-old King Peter II Karađorđević, who they declared to be of age to assume the throne, and a government of national unity was formed with Simović as prime minister and Vlatko Maček and Slobodan Jovanović as his vice-premiers. The coup resulted in the German-led Axis invasion of Yugoslavia."'%C3%A9tat


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