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THE INTERNATIONAL COMMISSION FOR THE TRUTH ON JASENOVAC / Documents and Testimonies about Croatian War Crimes

Stone Flower monument dedicated to victims of Jasenovac.
Photo by Petar Milošević / Wikipedia Commons
Location of the Jasenovac Concentration Camp
in the NDH (Independent State of Croatia) /
Operational from August of 1941 to April 21, 1945.
Map courtesy of "NordNordWest" on Wikipedia Commons.

Aleksandra's Note: Many thanks to MP who shared this excellent source of comprehensive, important, and valuable information about Croatia's war crimes during World War II in the former Yugoslavia. The reading material provided by the International Commission for the Truth on Jasenovac should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in the war crimes committed by the "lesser known" criminals of World War II.
The best way to describe Croatian war crimes against humanity is this: if one had to choose the lesser of two evils - the German Nazis or the Croatian Ustashe, the Nazis would be the preferable choice.
Imagine that.
Aleksandra Rebic
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