Thursday, January 22, 2015

THE MYSTERY OF THE 500 RESCUED AIRMEN by David Martin - The story of one of the best kept secrets of WWII

Aleksandra's Note: Many thanks to historian and author Miloslav Samardzic for making this document, "The Mystery of the 500 Rescued Airmenby David Martin available on "SCRIBD." David Martin's collections of the testimonials of the American and Allied WWII Airmen who were shot down over Nazi occupied areas of Serbia in 1944 and rescued, taken care of, and evacuated by the Serbians loyal to General Draza Mihailovich are an invaluable part of the historical record that has been preserved for posterity.

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  1. Regarding the grounds and repeated dilema on why Mihalovic was executed by Tito is very simply. It lied into SOE double spies "The Cambridge Gays " who worked for NKVD repeadtedly misleading the Americans and their Agency as into Mihalovic's role with the Germans, falsified Abwehr reports sent to OSS etc etc .It was a well orchestrated role about all this somthing OSS actually knew though the Stated Department lied and elected to favour their post war relationship with the Russians rather save Mihalovic . On that respect there is a parallel of Capt Cantacuzino who along with Col.Gunn organised Ops Reunion in 1944 savig 1300 US airmen lives and yet Capt Cantacuziono was denied US immigration and residence in US due to his role in Stalingrad and Fascist Romania in smilar to Col Gunn who was awarded Silver Star just 70 years later