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TWO NEW BOOKS CELEBRATING THE HALYARD MISSION RESCUE OPERATION! Honoring General Draza Mihailovich, the Chetniks, the Serbian people loyal to them, and the American O.S.S. / "Tesla Memorial Society of New York" 2017

The front and back of the new book "OPERATION HALYARD" courtesy of
Dr. Ljubo Vujovic of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York.
Photo: Aleksandra Rebic January 2017

Aleksandra's Note: I'm so pleased to announce that two beautiful tribute books honoring the WWII Halyard Mission Rescue Operation and those directly involved in the largest rescue of American Airmen from behind enemy lines in the history of warfare will soon be available courtesy of Dr. Ljubo Vujovic, President of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York!

Dr. Vujovic has made it his personal mission to honor the legendary Halyard Mission Rescue Operation and its protagonists, including O.S.S. radioman Arthur "Jibby" Jibilian; George "Guv" Musulin and Captain Nick Lalich of the O.S.S.; Major George Vujnovich, O.S.S Chief of the Halyard Mission; and others who were directly involved in the success of the magnificent rescue operations that took place in the Nazi-occupied Serbian areas of the former Yugoslavia in 1944. First and foremost, the goal must always be to highlight and honor the memory and legacy of the beloved Serbian WWII commander General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovich and his Chetniks, to whom so many American children and grandchildren owe their lives.

Good and valid information about the Halyard Mission rescue operations of 1944 is rare. It's not readily available the way that it should be. It is not taught in American schools. And it should be. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of the O.S.S. operatives who insisted upon making the operation a "go" and then following through to make it happen; the American and Allied Airmen such as Major Richard L. Felman, Milton Friend, and Curtis "Bud" Diles of the U.S.A.F. who were rescued and who returned home alive to tell their important story for the rest of their lives; and the children and grandchildren who have kept the legacy of Halyard alive, we know of this very secret and significant event that took place during World War Two. Without the direct command and involvement of General Draza Mihailovich, his Chetniks, and the Serbian people loyal to them, the Americans who were shot down over Yugoslavia in 1944 by the German enemy would have met a very different fate. It is a travesty that far too many Americans are completely unaware of this incredible episode in their own history. The two books honoring Operation Halyard Dr. Vujovic is publishing and making available to the public provide an excellent antidote to ignorance.

One of the two books, OPERATION HALYARD, will be dedicated to an overview of the Halyard Mission and the other specifically to the Halyard Mission photo collection of Arthur "Jibby" Jibilian of the O.S.S. who was directly involved on the ground during the rescue operations.

To obtain these books, please contact Dr. Ljubo Vujovich directly by e-mail at:
or by telephone at (718) 417-5102.

These books will be a worthy and special addition to the library of anyone who values the illumination provided by the true stories of the unknown heroes of history. It is Dr. Vujovic's hope that these books will be shared with various institutions and historians who value that same enlightenment as well.

Aleksandra Rebic
February 2017


Dr. Ljubo Vujovic
President - Tesla Memorial Society of New York
Photo courtesy of
Dr. Vujovic's "Halyard Mission Banner" with "Operation Halyard" book,
front and back, displayed upon it. Photo: Aleksandra Rebic January 2017.
Dr. Vujovic's "Halyard Mission Banner"
Photo by Aleksandra Rebic January 2017

"The relations between Serbia and the United States of America should be based on Operation Halyard for saving the lives of 512 Americans and other Allied Airmen by the Serbian people in 1944 in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia."

Dr. Ljubo Vujovic
President, Tesla Memorial Society of New York



"This story needs to be told to the American people! America owes a great debt of gratitude to the Serbs. On behalf of the American people and the rescued airmen, I extend "Kudos", "Gracias", "Hvala", and "Thanks" to the Serbian people."

Arthur "Jibby" Jibilian (O.S.S.)
Radio Operator of the Halyard Mission, Pranjani, Serbia 1944
One of the last surviving members of the Mission, now deceased.
Fremont, Ohio December 13, 2008

Arthur "Jibby" Jibilian 2009
Photo: The Toledo Blade

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