Saturday, July 15, 2017

Family of American Airman Curtis "Bud" Diles U.S.A.F., saved by General Mihailovich and the Serbian Chetniks, honors a beloved memory and legacy for the Fourth of July 2017.

"We replaced the faded Serbian flag on Dad's grave on Saturday as a loving gesture to Dad and to the Serbian Chetniks whom he honored and revered. We will continue his mission for generations to come. We are truly blessed this 4th of July! God bless the USA and God bless all of the brave men and women around the world who united with us to provide our continued freedom!"
Teresa Guidry,
daughter of Staff Sgt. Curtis "Bud" Diles, Jr. U.S.A.F.
July 2017


Photos by Teresa Guidry.
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  1. My name is Pamela methvin-kochis I I'm the daughter of an airmen that Gen Mihailovich and his people saved my father was master Sargent shedrick j methvin he was a engineer on a b-24 that was shot down ,they rescued him and the crew hid them fed them and kept them safe,i would like the would to know i am so grateful to the serbs for what they did,i owe my life to them for without them I would not be here now,my father loved the Serbs he considered them All of them family thank you for all you and everyone have done to make sure they have a voice. Pamela methvin-kochis