Thursday, July 20, 2006

Los Angeles American Legion Post 'Gen. Draza Mihailovich' Memorial Day Observance May 29, 2006

Los Angeles American Legion Post
“Gen. Draza Mihailovich”
Observes Memorial Day And Commemorates 60th
Anniversary of Gen. Mihailovich’s Murder

Los Angeles, CA May 29, 2006

The Serbian cemetery here was the site for our American Legion Post’s observance of Memorial Day and Special Commemoration in honor of Gen. Mihailovich, on the 60th anniversary of his murder by the Communists.

Promptly at 11:00 AM an honor guard detail of Legionnaires marched to the monument erected by the “Gen. Draza Mihailovich” American Legion Post #827 to commemorate all the fallen serviceman and women in the past wars. The monument is situated in the rotunda of the cemetery, flanked by a tall flagpole. A large crowd of spectators was on hand to participate in the observance of the holiday and the Commemoration.

The flag was raised and the Pledge of Allegiance was recited in unison by all present. The Post commander, Draza Knezevich delivered a brief speech about Gen. Draza Mihailovich and paid tribute to the late General and his men who rescued over 700 allied airmen from behind German lines. He also made special mention of the 60th anniversary of Gen. Mihalovich’s murder.

Easels were flanking the monument adorned with a large photo collage of Gen. Mihailovich on one and a flower arrangement on the other side. The Sergeant at Arms presented a large wreath to the Post Commander and it was placed next to Gen. Draza’s photograph. The attending clergy held a memorial service marking the 60th anniversary of Gen. Draza’s murder and for all of the servicemen fallen over the years.

The honor guard was called to attention and fired the ceremonial three volleys. Taps were played. This concluded the ceremony and the traditional “Zito” was offered.

Situated adjacent to the Serbian Cemetery are the Serbian Benevolent Society “Jedinstvo” grounds where the Society organized a picnic for the afternoon with a big barbecue of roast lamb, chevapi and other delicacies. A live band was on hand to entertain, food was succulent and plentiful and the bar well stocked. However the sizeable crowd had such a good time, that the food and bar were sold out by mid afternoon.

The observance and picnic were a resounding success thanks to the dedicated members of “Jedinstvo” who did all of the organizing and work for the picnic and the Legion Post who organized the tribute and military ceremony for Gen. Mihailovich.

D. Christy

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