Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Images from Pranjani and Leusici, Serbia - 70 Year Anniversary of "Operation Halyard" / Osnivanje FONDACIJE "HALIJARD" / Establishment of the "HALYARD MISSION FOUNDATION" September 2014

Pranjani, Serbia and the two plaques, one in English, the other in Serbian Cyrillic, commemorating the historic Halyard Mission Rescue Operation of 1944.
Photos by Bojan Dragicevic.

Aleksandra's Note: On September 22, 2014 in the beautiful villages of Pranjani and Leusici in Serbia, the 70th anniversary of the great Halyard Mission Rescue Operation was marked and celebrated. The local Serbians had the honor of hosting various dignitaries and the descendants of Allied airmen who were successfully evacuated from behind enemy lines at the improvised "airport" on Galovica Field in Pranjani in 1944 by General Draza Mihailovich and his Chetnik forces. At the same time, the "Halyard Foundation" was established which is dedicated to remembering the legacy of the historic rescue mission.

Pranjani and Leusici are striking for their landscapes and for the lovely structures that complement the natural beauty of the area. Many thanks to Bojan Dragicevic for capturing the images of this moment in time and to "Rajski Konaci" on Facebook who shared these wonderful photographs of the events.

Aleksandra Rebic


Rajski Konaci on Facebook September 22, 2014:

"U selima Pranjani i Leusici, obelezeno je 70.godina Halyard Mission/Misija Halijard. Lokalna zajednica je imala cast da ugosti visoke zvanice, potomke saveznickih pilota koju su 1944. evakuisani sa improvizovanog aerodroma na Galovica polju. Istom prilikom je osnovana Fondacija Halijard koja ce cuvati secanje na ovaj istorijski dogadjaj."

All photos/Sve fotografie: Bojan Dragicevic

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