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Serbia marks day of mourning, remembers Serb victims [Operation Storm] / "B92" [Beta] August 5, 2015

August 5, 2015

Serbia is this Wednesday [August 5, 2015] marking a day of remembrance for the Serbs who were killed or exiled in the wars during the 1990s.

A convoy of ethnic Serb refugees expelled from Croatia 20 yearsa ago (Tanjug)

The government also declared today a day of mourning for the victims of Croatia's Operation Storm that took place 20 years ago and resulted in the expulsion of over 200,000 Serbs, while more than 2,000 were listed as killed or missing.

A memorial service for the victims in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina will be held in St. Marko's Church in Belgrade. At noon, bells will be rung in Serbian Orthodox churches, and sirens will be sounded. The government has asked citizens to, at that time, stop and observe a minute's silence.

A series of events will be held in Belgrade to mark the Operation Storm anniversary. Members of several associations of war veterans will place wreaths at the Monument to the Victims of War and Defenders of Fatherland 1990-1999.

City officials will attend a ceremony in front of the Belgrade Assembly at noon, while two hours later the Coalition of Refugee Associations will hold an event in the Sava Center conference hall.

The Serb Radical Party (SRS) has announced a protest for 17:00 hours CET in front of the Croatian embassy.

The Ministry of Culture and Information has called on the media to strictly observe their obligations related to marking a day of mourning. The Guca Trumpet festival that opened on Monday in western Serbia will suspend its program for the day.


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