Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Chetnik Day" Proclaimed in Chicago, IL 1943!

WHEREAS, The United Nations, comprising the entire democratic world, are now locked in a death struggle with those who would impose the yoke of slavery upon all who oppose their will of force; and

WHEREAS, every member nation, through sanctioning the Four Freedoms is fighting for the preservation of these ideals which deserve every support of all freedom-loving peoples fortunate enough to have avoided the agonies of war within their fight for freedom; and

WHEREAS, in all countries where men may today enjoy the benefits of freedom, the valor of General Draza Mihailovich and his legions of Chetniks is symbolic of this great universal fight for freedom; and

WHEREAS, because there are assembled this evening citizens of the United States, official representatives of the United Nations, and of the Jugoslav organization of Cook County, it is fitting and proper that the valiant deeds of the Chetniks be graphically documented and preserved for posterity.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Edward J. Kelly, Mayor of the City of Chicago, do hereby designate, in recognition of this historic organization, April 1, 1943, as CHETNIK DAY in Chicago; and I do urge all citizens to salute the glorious deeds of these brave patriots and allies.

Dated at Chicago this thirtieth day of March, A.D., 1943.


This proclamation courtesy of Milana Bizic of Pennsylvania.
Thank you Mim!

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  1. Long Live Chica Draza Ravna Gorska Straza!!!!

  2. Chetniks Brisbane Australia.Long Live King Peter.Long Live Chica Draza!!!!!