Saturday, April 25, 2009

Serb Leaders send plea to French President to save General Mihailovich's life

To Monsieur Charles Bidault
President of France:

"The Execution of General Mihailovich will be a terrible shock to all the enslaved peoples of Europe and a definite proof to all the world that Great Britain, France and the United States have lost the moral right to speak on behalf of freedom and democracy in the world. One hundred thousand American citizens of Serbian descent appeal to your excellency to intervene and prevent the execution of your country's loyal ally, now condemned to death in Tito's court."

Rt. Rev. Bishop Dionisiye
Serbian Orthodox Diocese of America and Canada

Louis C. Christopher
National President, Serb National Federation

Mitchell M. Duchich
President, Serbian National Defense Council of America

[Aleksandra's note: Exact date of telegram is not indicated, however, since the plea refers to Mihailovich already having been sentenced in Tito's court, the date is circa July 1946.]

This image courtesy of Milana Bizic of Pennsylvania. Thank you Mim!


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