Sunday, April 19, 2009

Serbian Patriarch Pavle issues Orthodox Easter Message April 2009

BELGRADE -- The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), His Holiness Patriarch Pavle, has made public this year's Easter proclamation...

"Today, millions of spiritually impoverished and morally devastated people, swayed by the glitter of transient things, live in this world as they would in a cold grave," says the message, read in Belgrade on Saturday by Metropolitan Amfilohije.

"Is the world not turning into a factory and market of fake glitter and short-lived values? Is it not often said today that man can walk this earth in peace even without the heavens?," the message further asks.

The patriarch urged the civilization to remember the words of Christ, "Without me, you can do nothing".

"We pray to the risen Lord to resurrect the human image of man's original nature in us as well, which is nowadays so often distorted, masked and mutilated by numerous vices and shortcomings. For everyone to recognize humans in us, in the glow of His eternal life, rich or poor, whether or not holding a position of importance."

The Easter message also appeals on "brothers and sisters to keep dignity and faith in the risen Lord, love for their neighbors, truth and justice, and in all the good that people wish, but cannot reach without the help of the risen Lord."

The message came with a special dedication to the Orthodox Serbs in Kosovo, as well as to all the places around the world where Orthodox Serbs are due to celebrate Easter on Sunday.

B92/Beta April 18, 2009


The photographs of the General Mihailovich, Voyvoda Djurisich and Voyvoda Djujich monuments, the gravesite of King Peter II of Yugoslavia, and of St. Sava Monastery below were taken at the St. Sava Monastery in Libertyville, Illinois in June of 2007 by Aleksandra Rebic.


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  1. I go here all the time. My Great-Grandfather (Milos Simonovic) is buried there. My Baba's mother is also buried there (Milica Srdic). The statues are simply amazing. The church has an old feel and a strong presence.

    -Steve Simonovich