Friday, December 17, 2010

Next hearing concerning the Rehabilitation of General Draza Mihailovich scheduled for January 28, 2011 in Serbia

Testifying at the January 28, 2011 hearing regarding
 the Rehabilitation of General Draza Mihailovich
will be historian Slobodan Markovic,
president of the Commission for finding the hidden
graves of those killed by the communists
 after September 12, 1944 in Yugoslavia.
Entered into evidence at the hearing will be recently declassified
 documents originating from the British Foreign Office
regarding the trial and execution
 of General Mihailovich.

To date, the remains of General Mihailovich,
who was executed by the communists on July 17, 1946
in Belgrade, have not been found.


U nastavku procesa, koji je zakazan za 28. januar, 2011, svedočiće istoričar i predsednik državne Komisije za tajne grobnice ubijenih posle 12. septembra 1944. godine Slobodan Marković, o suđenju i streljanju Mihailovića na osnovu prikupljene dokumentacije, između ostalog i od britanskog Forin ofisa.



"...Of all the dirt thrown at Mihailovich
 for more than a year,
 not one spot has stuck.
Not one of the charges against him
 has been proved.
 He emerges as a man of
exceptional foresight,
of iron courage and conviction,
 of purest patriotism,
 and of unstained honor..."

Hon. Burton K. Wheeler
U.S. Senator
before the Senate
on March 29, 1945


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