Monday, May 09, 2016

Colonel Draza Mihailovich reaches the hills of Ravna Gora in May of 1941, 75 years ago, to begin the historic Third Serbian Uprising.

Portrait of General Draza Mihailovich
by Jim Pollard.
Aleksandra's Note: In the hearts of many Serbian patriots, May is a pivotal month in the long, magnificent, and tragic history of the Serbian people. It was 75 years ago now that Colonel Draza Mihailovich reached the hills of Ravna Gora in Serbia to begin the Third Serbian Uprising. This historic uprising was against the occupying German forces of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, and Colonel Mihailovich and his Chetniks would be responsible for initiating and carrying out the first successful true resistance against the Nazis in all of occupied Europe.

Each year Serbs gather in the hills of Ravna Gora to mark this important anniversary and to celebrate the legacy of the Chetniks, the Serbian freedom fighters whose motto was and remains "Give me Liberty, or Give Me Death!"

I had the wonderful opportunity to be part of such a gathering in May of 2003 and will never forget it. If you have never walked in the sanctified footsteps of these heroes of WWII and are planning to visit Serbia, please make it a priority to visit in May and to go up into these beautiful hills. You will be genuinely moved by the legacy that continues to be carried by the winds of Ravna Gora.

Aleksandra Rebic
May 9, 2016


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