Tuesday, October 17, 2017

VIDEO / FINAL EPISODE / Episode 18 - "AFTER THE WAR" / "The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War Two" Documentary Series! / На овом линку бесплатно погледајте 18-ту епизоду ТВ серије ''Краљевина Југославија у Другом светском рату''

EBOLI CAMP - A Prayer Service
Aleksandra's Note: Many, many thanks to Mr. Miloslav Samardzic, "Pogledi", the Royal Yugoslav Army Ex-Combatants Association LTD and all those that worked with them to create and complete this very special documentary series about the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War Two. The series has been filled with invaluable documentary footage, photographs, interviews with people who lived through the events, documentation, and narration, including English subtitles when needed. This series is an outstanding testament to the legacy of the Serbian patriots who fought against the Nazis and Communists in the former Yugoslavia during World War II and beyond.
The Final Episode, Episode 18 ("After the War") is now ready for free viewing and I encourage all who visit this site to take the time to view the episode from beginning to end. You are likely to see someone you know or loved ones, those still with us and those who have passed on to eternity.
Serbian patriots throughout the Diaspora have a heritage to be so proud of. The legacy will endure, thanks to the efforts of those who refuse to let lies prevail and who remain devoted to Truth, Integrity, and Honor in the telling of history.

Aleksandra Rebic
October 2017


"The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in World War Two" Documentary Series

Episode 18: After the War

"End of the Second World War. Units under the command of General Damjanovic withdraw to Italy into the hands of the Western Allies. The Allies disarm them and place them in camps in Italy and then in Germany. Life in the camps, the establishment of the first émigré associations, going into exile across the world, the memory of General Draza Mihailovic, the descendants of emigrants today..."



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