Friday, July 16, 2010

Delegation of U.S. Embassy in Pranjani, Serbia July 2010

From the Ministry of Defence - Republic of Serbia

July 15/16, 2010

The Delegation of the United States Embassy in Belgrade visited today the village of Pranjani near Gornji Milanovac. The reason for the visit was the start of talks on how to execute the project of donation for the construction of the school centre in this village. This is the village in which the operation Halyard was conducted in 1944, in which more than 500 US pilots were evacuated.

The delegation was received by the Mayor of Gornji Milanovac Dražimir Marušic. The presentation of the project and talks about the donation were followed by an exchange of ideas about the execution of works, after which the delegation visited the primary school "Ivo Andric" in Pranjani.

Reconstruction of schools will include the construction of a memorial room and library in memory of the operation Halyard during the Second World War. The donation by the American Embassy will be realised during the next year in several phases.



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