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[CIA]: Lifelong Yugoslav dictator [TITO] "was not of Yugoslav origin" / "B92 - Mondo/Politka" August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

BELGRADE -- Josip Broz Tito was "not of Yugoslav origin," a recently declassified document published on the CIA website has asserted.

Josip Broz Tito (Žika Vučić for Tanjug, file)
The U.S. intelligence agency said that a phonetic analysis of his speech suggested this conclusion.
Broz - who came to power in the post-WW2, single-party communist Yugoslavia, and remained president until his death in 1980 - was officially of mixed Croat-Slovenian heritage.
But the paper says that the manner in which he spoke "Serbo-Croatian" - allegedly his mother tongue, but spoken with a foreign accent - meant that his true native language, "or at least one closer to him than Serbo-Croatian," was either Russian or Polish.

The authors of the lengthy analysis conclude that it would be "logical to assume" that the controversial leader was either Russian or Polish, but stress that his true identity can only be hypothesized - but that it "certainly was not Yugoslav."

They went on to assert that his non-Yugoslav origins were the reason for his "impartiality and success in solving the various problems and conflicts of ethnic groups in Yugoslavia."

The speech that was analyzed dates back to 1977, Belgrade-based Politika and Mondo media outlets are quoting the document on Monday, adding that "any further investigation of Tito's true identity would only serve academic purposes."

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  1. In thirty-five years in power with absolute control of the media, did "Tito" never speak in public, and wouldn't it have been obvious to all that he was inappropriately palatizing consonants and mixing up word endings? What must have passed through Mihailovic's mind when they met in September 1941 and "Tito" was speaking to him in a heavy Russian accent? I've seen an account that Mihailovic was "convinced" on this occasion that "Tito" was a Russian, but it was not properly attested. For certain, Tito was a creature of the NKVD and a Soviet checkist through and through. I suspect that the so-called break between Tito and Stalin was a Soviet false flag operation.

  2. If someone could possibly get some sort of DNA perhaps from a bilogcial family member, they can confirm his ancestry:

  3. Don't be so sure Mr. Harvard. Considering what "Tito" left behind, he was rather Vatican's creation than Russian.