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Addressing concerns and putting things into proper perspective: CHICAGO PREMIERE OF “RAVNA GORA” with RADOS BAJIC AT HOLY RESURRECTION SERBIAN ORTHODOX CATHEDRAL December 14, 2013

From the Administrators of the Facebook Group:

"...We are well aware that the series "Ravna Gora" has caused tremendous criticism from the communist oriented Titoists but also by the admirers of General Mihailović. This is the first time that we can recall that, a story within a TV series, so revolted the "reds". We ask ourselves, what is that, what Mr. Bajić filmed, that would be so upsetting for supporters of Tito and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia? But in the same sense, what is that, what Mr. Bajić filmed, that would anger supporters of the Crown and General Draža?

"Since we have been extended the opportunity these days to see and hear firsthand what it is all about, we think it would be a good thing, as followers of our ancestors, to witnesses the scenario that has caused so much attention. We think this is a great opportunity to make known to Serbia and the immigration that our Čiča has a large family in the Chicagoland area that will not reconcile with any lies about the Serbian people, the events of World War II, or Ravna Gora. We welcome and support the truth, "nor by pappy – nor by uncles”. We hope that Mr. Bajić, in the series "Ravna Gora", achieved his objective of disclosing the truth about the events that dealt a bad fate to Serbs from World War II.

"We members of our Chetnik Family do not support nor reject this series “Ravna Gora”. We sit back and observe what Belgrade is feeding its emigration. We, of course, have an opinion about it, but we do not wish to opine until we see the series in its entirety. By that, we mean that it would be a good thing to collect on paper everything that is not clear and to personally ask the director of the series questions face to face. We here in exile (or ...for those who after a generation or two do not feel that they are in exile anymore, but rather are in the Diaspora – same thing, just different view point), have to be careful about everything that comes from the occupiers of our heritage (those in the Homeland may think that we in the Diaspora are naive, but, rest assured, we are not, we have just learned, throughout the years, to be cautious). Thus, we have to be fully aware that it is still possible for our enemy to continue to impose divisions amongst us that we do not need – we have been divided much too long here in the Diaspora and the time has come to learn our lesson from our past. Let's be smart and careful, and intelligent. Once again to be clear: This group is not promoting this series. This group is asking its brothers and sisters to stand up united and to demonstrate, in large numbers, that we are a force in the Diaspora that remains true to General Draza Mihailovic and his CHETNIKS and that demands the truth be heard – we ask you to come politely and respectfully with questions so that we can show to all that we will not rest until the truth is heard. Our pain for what our people experienced is no less than that of those who remained in the Homeland.

"As was announced; on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 7:00 pm in the hall of the Cathedral Church of the Resurrection of Christ [Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral] on Redwood Drive in Chicago, writer, actor and director Radoš Bajić from Serbia will be promoting his series "Ravna Gora".

"As administrators of our group, we invite all the brothers and sisters of our family to attend, if they are able, in large numbers. The administrators will be available to translate from English to Serbian and from Serbian to English. Prepare your questions and we'll see you next Saturday.

"We thank you in advance."

Administrators of the Facebook group:

Ja Sam Iz Cetnicke Familije/I'm From a Chetnik Family



Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
Chicago, IL U.S.A.
Photo by Aleksandra Rebic January 6, 2012

The Chicago Premiere of the new and critically-acclaimed television series “Ravna Gora,” the first Serbian mass media production to accurately portray the Chetnik movement and its leadership since the end of World War II, will be held on Saturday, December 14th, at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago, the Cathedral clergy announced today. The series premiere will be officially opened in the Cathedral Main Hall after the Vespers Service beginning at 5PM.

The Chicago premiere will be opened in the presence of series producer and director Rados Bajic, His Grace Bishop Longin of New Gracanica and Midwestern America, as well as senior church and state representatives from Serbia, Montenegro and the Republic of Srpska.

This premiere screening of “Ravna Gora” in Chicago will be dubbed in the Serbian language with full English-language subtitles, allowing speakers as well as non-speakers of Serbian to understand the plot. Following the series premiere, director Rados Bajic will speak about the “Ravna Gora” project and be available to answer any questions from the audience. Throughout the event, light lenten refreshments and cash bar will be available.

The schedule for the event is as follows:

4:00 PM Press availability - media interviews
5:00 PM Vespers
6:00 PM Reception
6:45 PM Opening remarks/welcome
7:00 PM Chicago Premiere - Ravna Gora
8:00 PM Q&A with movie director Rados Bajic

The clergy and community of faithful at Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Chicago warmly invite all to attend this historic event.

For more information about the “Ravna Gora” premiere in Chicago, please contact our church office at (773) 693 – 3366.


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