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And so it continues...In anticipation of the Mihailovich Rehabilitation hearing that took place in Belgrade on Friday February 27, 2015, the last Friday in February, I was asked to write a letter to be sent to Belgrade. This was a letter about "hopes and dreams" with the intention to speak for the thousands of people around the world who want Serbian General Draza Mihailovich officially vindicated of the manufactured guilt that provided the false pretense to have him executed in July of 1946.  I gladly did so, because no matter what the Belgrade justice system decided to do with regards to General Mihailovich, we who know the truth know that no "rehabilitation" is needed.

The thought crossed my mind about how many patriots, Chetniks and others who fought under the command of General Mihailovich and remained loyal to his legacy for the duration of their lives no matter where they settled after WWII, would not have the opportunity to enjoy the official vindication, if indeed it was to be rendered this last Friday in February. I was sad for just a moment, and then my heart was filled with the satisfaction that these patriots didn't need any such "official" confirmation. For them, as well as for all of us who have survived them and carry on their legacy, God's justice would prevail, for the innocent as well as for the guilty.

It was decided on this last Friday in February that the Rehabilitation judicial process would continue, actually start over from the beginning for all intents and purposes. The next court hearing date is scheduled for April 2015. Though frustrating and demoralizing I'm sure for all those who have been directly involved and have worked so hard since 2006, I'm confident they won't be giving up. They want something "official" from the Belgrade Court and so do I.

I want the Belgrade Court to render a just verdict this time. They owe the man and his legacy at least that much. We who carry on that legacy and God Himself will do the rest.

Aleksandra Rebic
February 28, 2015
Chicago, IL USA

The Letter to Belgrade February 27, 2015


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