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"FORGOTTEN 500" UPDATED LIST of Halyard Mission Rescued American Airmen by the Mihailovich Chetniks in WWII! / Gregory A. Freeman June 18, 2015

Gregory A. Freeman
June 18, 2015

Author Gregory A. Freeman
From Gregory A. Freeman on Facebook
June 18, 2015:

"Forgotten 500 list of rescued airmen has been updated!

The list of airmen rescued in Operation Halyard that was included in THE FORGOTTEN 500 was known to be incomplete, and many people have asked if their family members might have been rescued even though they weren’t on the list. Now we have an updated list, thanks to the great research by Wendy Irwin, a relative of one of the men rescued.

Using the Missing Air Crew Reports that were filed after a bomber went down, Wendy has added a number of crew members who most likely were sheltered by Draza Mihailovich and rescued in the Operation Halyard flights. We still can’t call the list complete, so your relative might have been part of Operation Halyard even if his name isn’t included. But this is a great addition to the Forgotten 500 canon and I hope it answers important questions for some families."

See the updated list here:

[AR Note: The name of American Airman SSGT Curtis "Bud" Diles, Jr. needs to be added to the list.]

Page 1 of 3 of updated list.

Page 2 of 3 of updated list.

Page 3 of 3 of updated list.


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  1. I have read Mr. Freeman's book 4 times and it brings tears to my eyes with each read. As much as I revere Draza Mihailovich, I am equally captivated by the continual devotion of the 500 and their families to "Uncle Draza". All Americans need to be aware of this chapter in WW II history.
    Marty Young

  2. How in the world did they miss Curtis (Bud) Diles? He's been one of the most outspoken of all rescued airmen all those many years....

  3. Curtis Diles was not missed on that list ... this is not a list with new airmen. It is an updated version of the same Partial List, but with more complete names and corrected spellings. There is a new list being compiled, which will include all the names from the Partial List plus new names. Curtis Diles will be included on the new list.