Sunday, June 21, 2015

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to our beloved fathers both here on Earth and in Heaven / June 21, 2015

Aleksandra's Note: Fortunately, I know how blessed I am to still have my father Rade with me here on earth...but, like all children who love their fathers and whose fathers love them, I'll always have him. Those of us who are the descendants of Serb and non-Serb patriots and heroes who knew and understood full well the importance of imparting the legacy of General Mihailovich and his Chetniks will forever maintain a bond with our fathers that will never be broken by the passage of time, by world events, by distance, or by mortality.

Thankful for so many of the things that my father has given me, but most of all thankful that the Holy Father gave me this earthly gift of having such a man in my life that I will cherish always.

Happy Father's Day, Tata!

Aleksandra Rebic
June 21, 2015



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