Thursday, May 03, 2018

VIDEO / Documentary Series: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WWII, Episode 3 - Краљевина Југославија у Другом светском рату 3. епизода

VIDEO: Documentary Series: The Kingdom of Yugoslavia in WWII
Episode Three:
Of soldiers, revolutionaries and quislings
Posted on You Tube by: "PoglediKragujevac"
Published on April 30, 2018
"Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1941. Sections of the Royal Yugoslav Army did not capitulate; they formed a resistance movement led by Colonel Draza Mihailovich, against the Axis powers. The quislings in a propaganda move accused them as ''English mercenaries''. Then into the fray came the Communist Party, who announced the start of its revolution...In the autumn, opening the largest anti-Axis front in Europe beyond the Eastern Front, however so began the largest civil war."


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