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Australia's Serb patriots will celebrate "DRAZIN DAN" with first monument to Mihailovich erected in Australia Sunday July 21, 2013

By Dusan Kuzmanovic on July 17, 2013

"In June 1941 Cica Draza Mihailovich receives a letter from the German high command which states that Serbia is now under German control, that the army has capitulated and therefore his resistance is illegal, and that he must also capitulate and accept German occupation. Cica's reply to this letter was short; it said 'Capitulate?? That word doesn't exist in the Serbian language!!!'

"Cica united all his Serbs under the old Chetnik flag which just at the sight of our flag brought fear to our enemies. His Chetniks all took the old Serbian oath 'With Faith in God; Freedom or Death!' Cica lead his brave Chetniks in countless battles to defend his people, land, and faith from the German invaders and their allies, the Italians, Croatians, Muslims, Albanians, and from the biggest threat to our faith, Tito's murdering communist partisans!

"On this day [July 17] in 1946 our Cica was brutally murdered by Tito's partisans. With his hands chained together he was first beaten with metal poles, then his left arm was cut off and his broken body was dragged out to his executioner where he was shot in the head and chest. He was then thrown in an unmarked grave where they poured acid over his body. They thought that by not giving him a proper Christian burial they would kill his soul and his legacy, but they were wrong, Cica's spirit lives on in all of his patriots, and as long as there are Serbs his legacy will live on forever.

"This Sunday [July 21, 2013] "Drazin Dan" will be held at the first monument to General Draza Mihailovich built in Australia, at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church Forrest-Canberra. It was always a tradition here in Australia that it's held there first, so we must keep the old traditions. This Sunday Serbs from all over Australia will put all their differences aside and unite at the monument to remember and pay their respects to this great Serb, to our beloved Cica Draza!

"The following Sunday [July 28, 2013] the "Serbian Chetniks Australia" will be holding "Drazin Dan" at St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Blacktown, where our new members will follow in our Cica's footsteps and stand in church before God and take the Chetnik oath!"



Dusan Kuzmanovic
July 17, 2013

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
32 National Circuit
Forrest ACT 2603, Australia

St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church
33 Second Ave
Blacktown NSW 2148, Australia
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  1. It is inspiring to see the Article by Australian Serbs on the Britic - The British Serb Magazine website.
    Serbian Chetniks Australia is a wonderful, proud organization keeping alive the memory eternal of our dear Cica Draza. My late father was a Chetnik from Montenegro. In Australia, we of Serbian heritage grow up with the Memory Eternal of our dear Cica.
    +Gen. Draza Mihailovic 1893 - 1946