Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Halyard Mission American Air Force veteran Curtis "Bud" Diles turns 88 and remains forever faithful to the memory of General Draza Mihailovich

Curtis "Bud" Diles in November of 2009

Aleksandra's Note:

American WWII Air Force veteran Curtis "Bud" Diles, one of the "Forgotten 500" of the great Halyard Mission rescue operation, turned 88 on July 15, 2013. He has lived a full, rich life, and to his great credit to this day he has never forgotten what was done for him almost 70 years ago, a lifetime ago, by strangers whose language and culture he did not share and in whose land he had become a "visitor" by circumstance.

Ironically, Curtis Diles' birthday falls on the same day, July 15th, that the Belgrade court rendered its "Guilty" verdict against General Draza Mihailovich in 1946. Among Curtis Diles' mementos of his war days is a photo montage that hangs prominently on the wall of his home featuring the Serbian General who remains a hero to this American and will remain so to the end of his days and beyond.

God Bless You, Curtis "Bud" Diles,
and as the Serbs like to say when they appreciate and respect someone in their midst:
Na Mnogaja Ljeta!
May you live many more summers.

Happy Birthday!

Your friend,

Aleksandra Rebic


Curtis "Bud" Diles and wife Inez
Father's Day June 16, 2013.
Photo courtesy of the Diles family.

Curtis Diles in his home with framed photo montage of General Mihailovich
and tributes to him and his Serbs.
Father's Day June 16, 2013
Photo courtesy of the Diles family.

Curtis Diles' yard in Ohio with 500 American flags honoring the
Mihailovich Serbs of WWII.
Photo courtesy of the Diles family, date unknown.

Inscription on the sign:


Each flag displayed here represents one of five-hundred (500) American Airmen who were "shot down" or forced to land (behind enemy lines) in German occupied Serbia during WWII. Serbian villagers rescued, protected, and cared for these Airmen while they were unable to care for themselves.

These five-hundred flags are in honor of the thousands of Serbians who gave their lives that 500 American Airmen might live. We and our families will be forever grateful for their sacrifices.

This display is made possible through the courtesy and support of VFW POST NO. 3283 of HUBER HEIGHTS, OHIO which has been instrumental in bringing this message to all Americans.

(Approved by The National Committee of American Airmen rescued by General Mihailovich)


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