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"THEY WERE ONLY CHILDREN" – Exhibition dedicated to children killed in JASENOVAC [in the Independent State of Croatia] / "In Serbia Independent News" October 12, 2013

October 12, 2013

ZRENJANIN – In the National Museum in Zrenjanin [in Voyvodina, Serbia] on Friday night [Oct. 11, 2013] was opened an exhibition titled “They were only children”, which with words and photographs displays the killing of 19,432 children in the Ustasha concentration camp Jasenovac during World War II in the area of the so-called NDH (Independent State of Croatia – ISC).

The authors of the exhibition are publicist Dragoje Lukic, survivor of the concentration camp Jasenovac, and museum consultant of the Museum of the Victims of Genocide Jovan Mirkovic, who spoke at the opening.

The exhibition, in 45 panels, in three thematic areas, with original documents confirms the mass destruction of children, but also the humane rescue from the killing fields.

Thematic areas are “State of crime in the mirror of facts”, “Jasenovac grave of 19,432 girls and boys” and “Light of humanity in the darkness of evil”.

On the 46th panel is presented a numerical overview of the killed and identified children in the Jasenovac camp from the area of the ISC [Independent State of Croatia], by districts.

Mirkovic said that the suffering and killing of children is only a part of the total number of identified victims in the ISC that has reached the horrific figure of 455,973 men, women and children.
He said that this is 7.25 percent of the estimated number of people in former ISC. Among the victims: 64 percent were Serbs, 17 percent Croats, 7 percent Muslims, 6.3 percent Jews and 2.7 percent Roma.

Acting director of the Museum of the Victims of Genocide, Veljko Djuric Misina, said that he hopes the museum will gather information on the total suffering of the Serbs in the wars of the 20th century.

“This is a difficult exhibition to see, but crimes must not be forgotten so that they could not be repeated,” said Djuric.

The exhibition “They were only children” has been presented 30 times: 15 times in cities in Serbia, 5 in Republika Srpska [in Bosnia], once in Montenegro, and 9 times in cities across Italy.

The exhibition in Zrenjanin will be opened until November 5, 2013.


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