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Arthur "Jibby" Jibilian's Final Interview / March 17, 2010 WPRR "Foreign Policy and You"

My sincere gratitude to Mr. Jose Amoros for sharing this radio interview which he conducted with Arthur Jibilian and "The Forgotten 500" author Gregory A. Freeman on March 17, 2010. Mr. Jibilian passed away four days later, on Sunday March 21, 2010.

It was Arthur Jibilian's last.

Aleksandra Rebic


From Host and Executive Editor
Foreign Policy and You
José A. Amorós

"I met Mr. Jibilian over a year ago during a visit of his to Grand Rapids, MI. He spoke before the Michigan Company of Military Historians and Collectors.

During that time, as during his recent on the air interview in my radio program Foreign Policy and You, I met with a man with one of the most gentle smiles I have ever seen.

By the way he told the story of Operation Halyard, in which he was instrumental, you would think that he was talking about going camping, with just a little bit of excitement on the side. Never did he give any indication of boasting or bringing attention to himself as he could have done. The word "we" drowned by overwhelming preponderance any allusions to "I".

The daring-do mission of the rescue of Allied airman in enemy territory, by the Halyard Mission, had all the makings of an epic of the best kinds. Although it would make a great book or film, it was no fiction. The strafing by German aircraft, the risk of being killed during the airdrop, the chances of being caught and tortured by the Gestapo were all too real.

Volunteering for such a mission to save the lives of others at the risk of his own life was "above and beyond the call of duty." Mr. Jibilian did not receive the honors he deserved while living. Politics got in the way, geopolitics, that is. Our government and our allies decided at one point that it was more expedient to keep that historical event of WWII under covers. It is still not too late.

It was my honor to have conducted his last public interview."

José A. Amorós
Foreign Policy and You
Host & Executive Editor
Washington & Marshall Institute
March 23, 2010

Arthur Jibilian's Last Interview March 17, 2010 WPRR


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