Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Christian Serb and his Cross / Very Rev. F. Dragan Veleusic

Very Rev. F. Dragan Veleusic serves at the beautiful St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and is Dean of the St. Sava Orthodox School. I had the opportunity to take these photos when Father Dragan was in Chicago on January 17, 2010. I'll never forget how incredible the cross he wore that evening was. I can only hope that the photos capture a fraction of its stunning beauty. Father Dragan, though born after World War Two in Tito's Yugoslavia and emigrating to America and becoming a citizen of the United States, has remained a fiercely loyal and devoted Serb patriot, a Mihailovich Chetnik through and through, as well as a dedicated Orthodox Christian spiritual leader and teacher.  It is my privilege and honor to know him. Thank you Father Dragan Veleusic for keeping not only the Orthodox Christian tradition alive in the United States, especially with the youngsters, but for keeping alive the great Mihailovich Chetnik legacy.


Aleksandra Rebic

Photos of Very Rev. F. Dragan Veleusic
by Aleksandra Rebic January 2010


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