Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Why I am a Monarchist" (Зашто сам монархиста) - Interview with Milan Krstic / Discovering Serbia's Monarchy and the Chetniks

The following is a very revealing interview posted on YouTube that features a well-spoken young Serb, Milan Krstic, who was a Freshman student at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade at the time the interview took place. He speaks in Serbian and there are English subtitles.

The interview begins with his "discovery" of the Serbian Monarchy and learning about who the Chetniks were and reveals much about the "political education" that the young citizens of the former Yugoslavia were receiving in their upbringing. It should serve as a "red flag" for anyone concerned about education, anywhere.

My thanks to Milana "Mim" Bizic for bringing this fine interview to my attention.


Aleksandra Rebic


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