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Chetnik leaders General Draza Mihailovich and Colonel Dragisha Vasich, Yugoslavia October 1943 - Exclusive photo radioed to U.S. from Berne, Switzerland

Aleksandra's Note: The following photograph and caption on the back of it from October of 1943 were provided courtesy of George and Robert Ivkovic. My thanks to them for sharing this valuable piece of Mihailovich memorabilia. You will notice that the spelling of General Mihalovich's first and last name reads "Draja Mikhailovitch" which is one of the common ways that General Draza Mihailovich's name was spelled in English throughout the years.


Aleksandra Rebic

General Draza Mihailovich and Colonel Dragisha Vasich
Somewhere in Yugoslavia, 1943.
General Mihailovich appears to be holding a camera in his left hand.

The caption on the back of Mihailovich-Vasich photo dated October 26, 1943
and stamped October 30, 1943.

Original comments from October of 1943 on the back of the Mihailovich-Vasich photo read:


"The Chetnik leaders --1st and exclusive pictures--somewhere in exclusive picture, radioed to the United States from Berne, Switzerland, showing General Draja Mikhailovitch (left) leader of the Chetnik forces fighting the Nazis in Yugoslavia, posed with his closest collaborator, Colonel (and lawyer) Dragisha Vasich, former editor of the anti-German newspaper Srpski Glas. This is one of a series of exclusive pictures of the Chetnik forces comprising some 140,000 men, now doing effective guerilla work against the Nazis."

R-10-26-43-10 a.m.

Stamped Oct. 30, 1943


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