Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Propagandist at Washington Times Perverts WWII History to Scorn Serbs / Julia Gorin

Julia Gorin

Aleksandra's Note: Julia Gorin, an opinion columnist with a focus on the Balkans and consistent journalistic integrity, has put together yet another excellent response to the boilerplate musings of the Serb demonizers who never quit. This time she addresses the Washington Times editorial of  Jeffrey T. Kuhner published on May 24, 2012 in response to the election of Serbia's new president, Tomislav Nikolic: "Did Serbia Vote for War: New ultranationalist president promotes instability".

Gorin tackles head on the analogy to the Mihailovich Serbs of WWII that Kuhner includes in his current hit piece. Because she incorporates a number of descriptive and clarifying links into her excellent rebuttal published in RIGHT SIDE NEWS on August 14, 2012, I highly recommend that you go directly to the following link to read Julia's editorial in its entirety.

As always, I remain forever grateful for Julia Gorin's vigilance and even more so for her willingness to "put word to paper", in this case the internet, to provide an effective antidote to the rampant continued demonization of the Serbs and allied heroes such as General Mihailovich that has infiltrated so many public institutions, everywhere.


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