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Does the finished film "VLADIMIR" exist and where can it be found?

Aleksandra's Note: A friend has brought this interesting film trailer, "VLADIMIR" to my attention and is requesting information on whether or not the film was ever finished and if a copy can be found. If so, where? It is the story about the "last Chetnik" Vladimir Sipcic and much of it is in English. Any information would be welcome. Thank you! Please feel free to contact me at

Worthy of note - this film trailer contains live footage of King Peter II of Serbia in uniform, speaking in English in London, in 1941, about General Mihailovich.


Aleksandra Rebic

Posted on You Tube by "serbcomando"

The description on You Tube reads as follows:

"The Chetniks were the relief of the Yougoslavian Kingdom Army. They fought during the ww2 against all the enemies of the Kingdom (Germans, Hungarians, Bulgarians, Italians, Croatian Ustaschis and Bosnians SS Handzar divisions.), In 42/43, Tito, thrue the communist propaganda, has stollen Chetniks victories, and he played with the Allied, told that Chetniks were with Germans (Chetniks were NEVER with germans or any Nazi or Fachist Group, they were fighting for the freedom, the Kingdom and God. ) W.Churchill decided to support the communist in 43, after the fall of Stallingrad, cause he realised that it can be good to have a communist allied in his pocket in front of the Russian force (W.Churchill memories). The chetniks were left and they had also to fight for their survey against the communists. In 45, about 8000 chetniks gave their weapons in Foca (Bosnia.) , and had to be regouped in Sarajevo, they never arrived to Sarajevo. A group of Chetnik heard about, and decided to never surrender. They fought and were hunted like animals by the communists. The Chef of this Group was a young commandant, Sipcic Vladimir, called "Vlado". He became a nightmare and a terror for the communists, and had with him soldiers of elite. During 12 years after the WW2, he terrorized the communists, he ridiculized them and was looked like a Robbin Hood for the local population. His brothers of arms were one by one killed by the communists, and he was, in a region between Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro, the Public ennemy n°1 . Tito wanted his head. He was the last cetnik in the fatherland."


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