Thursday, December 27, 2012

"...He asked that I place the Serbian and American flags side by side. He (Curtis "Bud" Diles) wanted to display his loyalty to both countries."

Aleksandra's Note: Curtis Diles, 87, one of last remaining living Halyard Mission American WWII veterans now resides in a nursing home in Ohio. His loving daughter Diane was kind enough to share this amazing photo that he requested be sent to me. These are the images that Curtis "Bud" Diles has chosen to put on his door: A photo of himself as a young man in the American military, an image of the Serbian flag, and an image of the American flag. Diane writes:

"He didn't like the way I had them positioned initially, and he asked that I place the flags side by side. He wanted to display his loyalty to both countries...He loves the Serbs with every fiber of his being. I have never been around my father when he hasn't talked about his love and appreciation for Mihailovich and the Serbian people that saved his life. It is because of the Serbs that my dad, his 4 children, his 15 grandchildren, and now 6 (almost 7) great-grandchildren are alive today. For that, we all thank you."

Curtis "Bud" Diles - one of the "Forgotten 500" and member of the Greatest Generation. Is it any wonder that we want them to live forever?


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