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Chetnik Kolo Ravne Gore presents "LENTEN SPECIALTIES" - A special cookbook honoring Serbian traditions in America!

Milica Iglendza, President of the Chetnik Kolo Ravne Gore, Merrillville, Indiana
at Chetnik Memorial Hall in Schererville (Crown Point), Indiana May 19, 2013.
Photo by Aleksandra Rebic
Tribute cookbook honoring Serbian traditions in America
issued by the Chetnik Kolo Ravne Gore, Merrillville, Indiana.
Photo by Aleksandra Rebic May 19, 2013.
Chetnik Kolo Ravne Gore
Photo by Aleksandra Rebic May 19, 2013


On behalf of the Serbian Chetnik Kolo Ravne Gore, Merrillville, Indiana, it is with great honor and privilege that we present LENTEN SPECIALTIES. The proceeds from the sale of this book are being donated to our St. Elijah Fresco project in memory of +Voyvoda Djujich and all deceased members of the Odbor and Kolo.

Over the last FIFTY plus years, our Kolo has been active in all parts of our church community. The devotion of our Chetnik men and women to their new country has been evident in their continuous contributions to church, family, and the “American Dream.” Beginning April 27, 1958, at the home of Ika Kordic, sister to Voyvoda Momcilo Djujich, when the first organized meeting of the Chetnik Kolo was held and +Sister Evelyn Evica Kovrlija was elected first President of the Kolo on to the present day, with our current president, Milica Iglendza, the Chetnik Kolo Ravne Gore has overcome many challenges. While it was in a new environment, far from our homeland, our founding members were determined to make a happy and prosperous life in this new country. All of the founders sacrificed to continue the traditions of their homeland and continue to adapt to a new country. Thanks to God, they forged ahead with love and determination that provided a rich heritage for which their families could be proud. We are all blessed by the preservation and continuation of these traditions!

Intertwining native homeland traditions with modern American traditions was no easy feat. Language barriers aside, they were able to successfully blend the two and raise children and grandchildren with astounding results. Cooking traditional dishes is one of the most special gifts that anyone is able to bestow to preserve their culture. Honoring High Holy Holidays and spiritual teachings is most important and, therefore, the idea behind this book. Our goal is to provide an updated edition of recipes that will pass on to future generations and continue what past generations have given to us. We believe that we have accomplished just that in this gift we are giving through the traditions from our kitchens!

We are dedicating this book [LENTEN SPECIALTIES] to all the founding members, and to the many Chetniks who gave us the opportunity to live in the freedom of the United States of America and call this our home! May their memories all be eternal!


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