Tuesday, May 19, 2015

CEO FILM - FULL FILM (Serbian and English) / Генерал Михаиловић - Херој и Казна / General Mihailovich - Hero and Punishment / "44 Blue Productions" 2015

Aleksandra's Note: Many thanks to Mr. Rasha Drachkovitch and 44 Blue Productions for making this important film which includes tremendously valuable documentary footage from WWII that reflects the true story of General Draza Mihailovich.

"General Mihailovich - Hero and Punishment / "Херој и Казна" is a film that will be appreciated by generations to come and should be mandatory viewing in the study of WWII, Yugoslavia, and the Allied relationship with the key players in that glorious and tragic saga.

Aleksandra Rebic


Генерал Михаиловић Херој и Казна 2015
Video posted on You Tube by "1srboljub"
Published on May 7, 2015



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