Friday, May 29, 2015


Portrait of General Mihailovich
by Wisconsin artist Jim Pollard.

Aleksandra's Note: It's now 40 years since a group of American Airmen rescued by General Mihailovich in WWII along with Serbian patriotic organizations in the Diaspora initiated the effort to get a monument to General Draza Mihailovich erected on the grounds of Washington, D.C. at their own personal expense. From the time the effort was initiated in 1975, progress was made, then setbacks had to be dealt with. Now in 2015, many of the American airmen are gone, but their dream does not have to die with them.

A lot has happened between 1975 and 2015, both here in America and in the Serbian homeland.

Now, in 2015, with the overturning of the original 1946 communist conviction of General Mihailovich in the successful outcome of the long judicial Mihailovich rehabilitation process on May 14th, it's time to move forward on giving the General his proper and well-deserved place of honor in the public arena.

If you support the initiative to get a monument to General Mihailovich erected in Washington, D.C. in public recognition of the over 500 American airmen he and his Chetnik forces saved in 1944 in Nazi occupied Serbia and Bosnia, please contact me ASAP so that it can be determined if the interest in such an initiative is still there. If you do support the initiative, which organization do you feel should spearhead the effort to attain the goal?

This is what the American WWII veterans saved by Mihailovich worked hard for. They took the goal as far as they could. Now, it's up to us to carry the torch.

Aleksandra Rebic
May 29, 2015


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