Monday, May 20, 2013

An unforgettable weekend in Indiana with the Serbian Chetniks and their supporters!

Aleksandra's Note: Had an OUTSTANDING time with Serbian patriots this weekend in Merrillville and Schererville, Indiana, May 18-19, 2013, with members and supporters of the "Organization of Serbian Chetniks Ravna Gora" and the "Movement of Serbian Chetniks Ravne Gore"! Such gracious hosts...wonderful people...a lot learned...good times that won't be forgotten...and a reaffirmation of what makes Serbian men and women great! I'm so proud to be of Chetnik heritage!

Much more on the great Chetnik weekend in Indiana to come in the following days...

A sincere "Thank You" to all those who attended and participated in the events of this weekend and who included me in the celebration of the legacy. A special thanks to Dusan (Dan) Mandich for extending the invitation that I was delighted and honored to accept. You will be missed as President of the "Organization of Serbian Chetniks Ravna Gora." Thank you for your dedicated service all these years.

With warmest regards,

Aleksandra Rebic

The Serbian and Chetnik Flag. Chetnik Memorial Hall in Schererville (Crown Point), Indiana U.S.A. Photo by Aleksandra Rebic May 19, 2013.


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