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Serbian Patriarch Irinej and HRH Crown Prince Alexander

The attendants at the "1941 - 70 Years Later" Conference
White Palace, Serbia
March 22, 2011

Belgrade, 22 March 2011 – On the occasion of the marking the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the Second World War on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, the Royal Palace together with the Institute for Modern History and with the support of the Archive of Yugoslavia organized a press conference and a panel at the White Palace with the theme "1941 –70 Years Later".

At the conference, journalists were addressed by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander, Mr. Dragomir Acovic, member of the Privy Council, Prof Dr. Momcilo Pavlovic, Director if the Institute for Modern History and Dr. Cedomir Antic, President of the Managing Board of the Institute for Modern History and member of the Crown Council.

The Crown Prince emphasized in his speech:

“The reason for today’s conference is the 70th Anniversary of an event that shook our world, changed our lives and in great extent reshaped the destiny of the generations. These crucial days had been very differently interpreted over 70 years and often even fabricated. Luckily during recent years this changed. The circumstances that led to the beginning of the war are much clearer today, and finally the heroism of the defenders, the soldiers of the Royal Yugoslav Army, has been recognized”. In addition His Royal Highness pointed out: “Today’s conference in the White Palace will be one step more on the long road searching for the truth. Only the future built on the foundations of the true past has full meaning."

Following the conference a panel took place where publications were presented by:

1. Prof. Dr. Momčilo Pavlović, (25th and 27th March 1941 – days that decided the fate of people and the State)

2. Dr. Kosta Nikolić, Prince Paul’s foreign policy from 1941 to 1944

3. Mr. Dragan Tešić, War plan R 41 of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

4. Dr. Srđa Trifković, Anglo-American contribution to a Serbian tragedy 1941

5. Dr. Slobodan G. Marković, the British on 27th March

6. Prof. Dr Ljubodrag Dimić, Historiography of the 27th March

7. Dr. Čedomir Antić, Myths of 1941

8. Dr. Bojan Dimitrijević, Nedic’s Government on the 25th and 27th March

9. Dr. Nikola Žutić, 27th March 1941 Ideologies

10. Dr. Mile Bjelajac, Hastiness in ratings of our contemporaries on the causes of the April collapse

11. Prof. Dr Milan Ristović, March 27th - Tradition and renunciation of tradition

After the panel discussions, His Holiness Patriarch Irinej of Serbia served a memorial for the victims of the tragic events took place in 1941 at the Royal Chapel St Andrew the First Called.

The opening of the exhibition “1941 – 70 YEARS LATER” will take place from 7pm to 8.30pm at the White Palace, where the public will have the opportunity to see archive documents, photographs, letters and other material which will present the chronology of the events with an accent on the 27 March and 6 April 1941.

The exhibition will be open every day from 11am and 2pm. Anyone interested should contact the Office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander one day in advance by calling 011/ 306 4014.

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